Wished you had braces as a kid, but hesitant to get Adult Braces?

wish had braces as a kid, but hesitant to get Adult Braces

Wished you had braces as a kid, but hesitant to get Adult Braces?

  • Published Date: 23 Jun 2020
  • Updated Date: 08 Jun 2022
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Growing up we are told to take good care of our teeth because once they are set, they will usually stay that way. A naturally straight smile is difficult to achieve because several factors prevent our teeth from aligning. It can be due to our diet, environmental options such as good dentists, healthcare, and oral hygiene product availability. We expect not to worry about our teeth when we are adults. However, many people are simply not happy with their teeth, and even as adults, it still plagues our self-confidence to have a crooked smile.

Metal braces

But you do not have to put up with it, there are amazing modern options which can be used to make your teeth completely straight. You do not even have to leave your house to get some of the best treatments available. An archaic method When we think about braces, the image of the teenage age group pops into mind. This is why so many adults do not feel confident about getting braces. The metal wires will shine with almost any light exposure and draw undue attention to your mouth. If you have metal wires to correct your teeth, aside from the pain that is induced, several social concerns spring up. Firstly, it can look as if you have really bad teeth, as metal wires have an obvious and ‘heavy-duty’ look about them. This can make people think, you don’t take care of your teeth, that your mouth is dirty and your oral hygiene practices are sub-par. Socializing with metal braces can, therefore, have your self-esteem sapped out.

The other issues are, food getting stuck in your metal braces. This can be very worrying for some people who already have confidence concerns. You will feel like you have to take smaller bites, reject some solid or chewy foods, and stick to softer food in public. You won’t feel like going to a restaurant or perhaps a family dinner because food gets caught in your metal wires. What happens if you don’t even realize bits of food are hanging off your wires? It can lead to very embarrassing situations. Metal wires in the mouth are not only painful and obtrusive, but they also damage your self-confidence and make you not want to go out and socialize.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces work in exactly the same way metal braces do. They use tensioned wire to slowly straighten your smile. Aligning the teeth takes just the same amount of time, normal metal braces would. However, adults choose to have this type of treatment because it’s less visible than metal braces. The brackets used are see-through or tooth-coloured so they camouflage into your smile. However, the wire running end to end of your smile is still visible. Although it’s not as apparent as metal braces, some adults would like something a little more discreet.


Veneers are another option, however, they are purely for aesthetic purposes. If you have discoloured teeth or chipped teeth, damaged teeth and perhaps missing teeth, veneers are a great option to restore a pleasant smile. Made from composite material and dental porcelain, they are fitted to existing teeth with resin cement. The veneers will only have a lifespan of around 5 years or less, depending on your eating habits. Plaque is less readily stuck to the surface, making them easier to clean. However, it must be noted that veneers are easy to spot. Their shape can be a little too obvious in creating the ‘Hollywood smile’.

Metal retainers

If you have a moderate misalignment of your teeth, metal retainers are one option to straighten your teeth. It consists of a metal wire structure, which is shaped to slowly pull your teeth into alignment. The body of the retainer is shaped to fit the space in your upper mouth. Your dentist might prescribe you to only wear your retainers in the evening. However, since most people only wear retainers when they’re going to sleep, you’re only getting a possible 8 hours of the retainers correcting your smile. This prolongs the need for retainers and it’s a slower process than the other options. The metal rubbing up against your gums can make them raw, inflamed and sensitive. This can make brushing your teeth in the morning, a little discomforting.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces There are several methods for teeth straightening and one of them is lingual braces. Much like metal braces, these are also metal and use similar wiring. However, they are placed on the insides of your teeth rather than on the outer side. Although this makes the braces far less visible, they can be seen from some angles. If you’re sitting down and someone you’re talking to is standing, they can look down and see dark metal braces inside your mouth. When you throw your head back, when you laugh, it can also make the braces visible to others. The other issue is that they share much the same problems as traditional metal braces. It will still be difficult to chew solid foods and bits of food will get stuck inside the braces.

The wires will trap food and if you’re not careful, it can leave them to linger for a long time. This can lead to bad breath and teeth decay. Just like metal braces, it’s also difficult to brush your teeth without inflaming your gums. The constant tension of the braces is very uncomfortable, especially when you’re trying to sleep. The financial hesitation The fact of the matter is, braces are expensive. They require meticulous work from your dentist, they need to be maintained, they will need to be tightened every month or so and because of the small intricate pieces required for their construction, they are not cheap. Adults have lots of other financial obligations. Paying the rent, managing mortgage payments, car payments, and many other things & it is not easy at the best of times.

Why we want a great smile

You also have a family to look after and your children might need new clothes or you could be saving for a family holiday. These are some of the reasons why adults refrain from buying braces and convince themselves that it’s not a big deal. Although crooked teeth might not be a hazard to your health, they are important. A great smile is attractive, it can symbolize good hygiene and the quality of your self-grooming. It can be a great weapon in the professional world, making you seem more approachable and catch the attention of others. It is worth the money, but that doesn’t mean you should pay through your nose. The hidden social impact In the modern dating scene, having a social media presence is vital to your chances of meeting someone special. You should have photographs of you, showing your sense of fashion, style, and most importantly, a good headshot. In this photo, it is very helpful if you have a gorgeous smile. Your potential future husband or wife will be drawn to you because of your straight teeth, bright enamel, and generally, good vibes that a straight set of teeth give off. If you have crooked teeth this is something that will hold you back from being who you want to be in the dating scene. Let’s also be a bit honest, would you be attracted to someone who didn’t have a decent smile? It’s painfully obvious, so if you need to fix your teeth but not have your normal life be so disrupted, there is a modern way to go about this.

At last, a better option!

The most modern clear braces are invisible aligners. These are made from medical-grade BPA free plastic and uniquely shaped to your mouth. It’s also a very simple process because you just need to order one of our impression kits. It’s just $65 for a limited time only, and it’s very convenient for you to do at home. You’ll simply use the kit to mould the shape of your teeth into the material we provide. Then you need to send the kit back to our team and we’ll begin creating your customized invisible aligners. Using 3D computer technology, we study every little crevice, shape, and size of your teeth and gums, making sure that our specialized team of dental experts makes a precious product for you to wear.

Then, after a brief wait, you’ll receive your invisible aligners back through the post and watch how quickly and easily your teeth begin to become straight. Nobody will be any the wiser and you can wear these clear aligners in public without feeling self-conscious Quite clearly, it’s also the best financial option too. You can make a one time $1310 payment or if you’d like to make smaller payments as these braces cost $200 a month. Considering you do not need to leave your home to first make a mould of your teeth, then return to have them fitted, and then again return every few weeks to have your braces tightened and eventually taken off in-person, this is so much easier and affordable. Your life can carry on as normal. You can take your invisible aligners out of your mouth when you are sitting down to dine when brushing your teeth and give them a good clean whenever you want.

In case you now think of clear aligners as a good option, get on our website and order the impression kit to begin your journey toward effective teeth straightening and a more confident future.

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