A Guide to Braces Cost In Canada in 2022

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braces cost 2022 in canada
Many adults have lived with crooked teeth because the braces price tag was too high when they were teens. Not everyone can afford several thousand dollars or more for orthodontic treatment. Braces cost a lot if you are seeking certain types of treatments for straight teeth. Are you looking to start 2022 with a revamped smile? Read our braces cost in Canada guide where we'll explore how much do braces cost and how much are braces that use clear aligner technology.

Traditional Metal Braces

According to Canada Buzz, traditional braces currently cost CA$3,000 to CA$7,000. Traditional metal braces have been around for decades. The treatment is handled by an orthodontist who puts on metal appliances, adjusts them over the course of several months or years, and removes the appliances at the end of the treatment. Part of the cost of having metal braces put on is tied to the hourly fees paid to the orthodontist and his or her staff. The average annual salary of an orthodontist is $280,781 CAD. The basic components of traditional metal braces are brackets (small metal appliances that are cemented to teeth) and an archwire that is guided through the brackets. As the wire pulls on the brackets, the brackets pull on the teeth and gradually move them into better alignment.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces work similarly to metal braces. Instead of using metal brackets, ceramic braces use ceramic material that is similar to porcelain. The hard material closely matches the luster of enamel. Ceramic can be color-matched to blend in perfectly with your natural smile. The current cost of ceramic braces is CA$4,000 to CA$8,000. You may have noticed that this price range is slightly higher than traditional metal braces. Ceramic is a costly material, which raises the overall treatment price. Ceramic is also more prone to breaking than metal, so part of the higher treatment cost includes the replacement of ceramic. One of the main benefits of getting braces using ceramic is that the orthodontic treatment is far more cosmetically pleasing than traditional metal braces.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces use many of the same dental appliances as traditional metal braces. The main difference is that lingual braces are put on the back of teeth whereas traditional braces are put on the front of teeth. With prices ranging from CA$8,000 to CA$10,000, lingual braces are the most expensive type of braces that you can currently get in Canada. The dental treatment is more complex to perform, which adds considerably to the cost. The main benefit of lingual braces is that they are completely hidden from sight. One downside of lingual braces is that the tongue remains in contact with the metal appliances. This can interfere with speech.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are made from a special clear material that fits snuggly around teeth. Invisalign aligners are not necessarily cheaper than braces. This year, the orthodontic treatment costs around CA$4,000 to CA$7,500. Traditional metal braces use metal brackets to reposition teeth. Clear aligners place pressure on the surface of teeth to move them. Clear aligners can be removed when eating. This feature allows you to maintain your dental health because food particles are less likely to become trapped near your teeth. One of the most popular features of Invisalign aligners is the discrete nature of the treatment. When the clear aligner is properly cleaned, it is nearly invisible. Invisalign treatment is often completed more quickly than traditional metal braces, partly because there is no need to apply and remove appliances.

Alignerco Aligners

One of the most cost-effective teeth-straightening treatments available in Canada at the moment is offered by Alignerco. If you are seeking straight teeth as part of your dental care plan for 2022, Alignerco can help you reach that goal in as short a time span as a few months. While clear aligners often cost several thousand dollars, Alignerco treatments begin at CAD a month. In just 12 months, customers can pay off their plan entirely through the SmileFlex plan.

How Alignerco Works

Alignerco works differently from other clear aligner companies. Invisalign and other clear aligner companies require close collaboration with dentists and orthodontists. This adds significantly to the overall treatment cost. Alignerco customers simply make a dental impression and mail that impression to one of several Alignerco labs. Then, a technician uses the impressions to fabricate a custom set of clear aligners that are then mailed to the customer. The treatment requires a few months or several months to complete. Alignerco's invisible braces work similarly to other clear aligners. Each new pair of clear aligners gently nudges teeth into better alignment through micromovements. When customers complete using their final set of trays, an Alignerco team member will mail a set of retainers. The Alignerco customer must wear each pair of retainers nightly.

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Now that you've read our braces cost in Canada guide, you know how much do braces cost. Traditional braces, ceramic braces, and other orthodontic treatments can deliver drastic cosmetic benefits. The most important thing to consider is braces cost factors. 'How much are braces?' depends on which options you opt for. Only Alignerco's clear aligners deliver drastic cosmetic results at a fraction of the cost of competitor options. Don't let braces price factors keep you from enjoying a new smile this year. Ready to find out for yourself? Take our free online smile assessment so you can enjoy beautiful straight teeth in 2022.
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