Track your smile's transformation with AlignerTracker

Embark on a journey to straighten teeth with our affordable invisible aligners. Download ALIGNERCO's mobile app to effortlessly monitor your progress throughout the treatment process.

AlignerTracker Features

Master flawless impressions with our guide

Discover the secrets to creating perfect dental impressions at home through our step-by-step guide.

Snap and upload your teeth pictures

Capture photos of your impressions and effortlessly upload them to AlignerTracker to unveil your smile projection.

Visualize your future smile

Immerse yourself in your orthodontist-approved smile projection. Review and approve it or request modifications right from the app.

Maintain your aligners like a pro

Access our comprehensive guide to caring for your invisible aligners and ensuring optimal dental hygiene.

Stay on track with your treatment

Document your progress by uploading photos after wearing each set of aligners, tracking your daily wear time, and receiving timely reminders for aligner switches.

Instant solutions for your queries

Unlock instant problem-solving! Contact our round-the-clock chat support and get swift resolutions to all your concerns.

Download AlignerTracker and unlock your confident smile