Make the Switch to ALIGNERCO and Receive a $50 Discount

If you've already begun your teeth straightening journey with another brand but find yourself at a pause, ALIGNERCO is here to assist. Whether you're facing mid-treatment concerns or seeking post-treatment refinements, we've got you covered.

ALIGNERCO vs the Rest

Choose the Best Option

Features Other Brands
Average Treatment Time 4-6 months Varies Greatly
Mandatory Office Visits
Financing Options up to 12 months Varies Greatly
Impression Kit included with plan $35 Value Not Specified
Smile Projection
Remote Treatment Progress Monitoring Aligner tracker App
Free Teeth Whitening Kit $59.99 Value
Free Retainers $195 Value
Free Shipping (within Canada) Not Specified
Appearance Less Visible Shiny
Comfort Trimmed To The Gum Line Cut Straight Across

Experience the Magic: 150,000+ Smiles Transformed by ALIGNERCO! Our Aligner Treatment Works2X Faster Than Traditional Braces, Delivering Rapid and Stunning Results!

Discover the Unmatched Benefits of ALIGNERCO

Switching to ALIGNERCO unlocks a realm of exclusive advantages, elevating your orthodontic journey to new heights. Here's why ALIGNERCO shines:

Cutting-Edge Durability and Stain-Resistance:

Crafted for a perfect fit, ALIGNERCO's aligners feature premium BPA-free, medical-grade materials. Our advanced manufacturing process guarantees crystal clarity, simplifies maintenance, ensures durability, and maximizes comfort.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support:

Experience unparalleled support with ALIGNERCO's round-the-clock customer service. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

AlignerTracker App:

Stay in control and informed with our intuitive AlignerTracker App. Easily connect with our expert team for any questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth and confident progression in your treatment.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Rest easy with ALIGNERCO's 100% money-back guarantee. If you're deemed unsuitable for treatment, we've got you covered, prioritizing your peace of mind throughout the journey.

Teen Discount:

Benefit from our exclusive Teen Discount, specially tailored to make orthodontic treatment more affordable and accessible for younger individuals.


Sign up for our plans and receive a complimentary set of clear retainers. Get whiter teeth with our free high-quality teeth whitening kit.

Military Discount:

ALIGNERCO proudly extends a Military Discount as a heartfelt token of gratitude for the dedicated service of military personnel.

Refer and Earn program:

Experience the joy of sharing at ALIGNERCO! Share the secret of clear aligners, and you can earn a generous reward of $50! Your journey to a captivating smile becomes even more rewarding when shared.

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