Get Straighter Teeth At Home With Clear Aligners

AlignerCo Clear Aligners are

  • Best teeth straightening option for adults
  • 60% more affordable than wire braces
  • Easily removable
  • Virtually invisible

Let’s see if SMILEPATH invisible aligners are a good fit for you!

Straight teeth are desired by people everywhere. A set of straight, white teeth is the ideal for many people, but not everyone has the smile that they want. If you have teeth that are crooked or misaligned, you don’t have to accept that you can’t do anything about it. There are options for you if you would like to straighten your teeth, and they go beyond wearing traditional braces for possible years. Straighter teeth and a more confident smile could be yours with the right solution. You might want to explore the possibility of traditional braces, but there is also the option of using clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth at home.

When you’re looking for treatments that can give you straighter teeth, read this guide to find out what your next steps should be. Here at AlignerCo, we can help Canadians who want to straighten their teeth with our invisible aligner treatment.

Why Straighten Your Teeth?

There are some key reasons that you might straighten your teeth. Of course, there are aesthetic reasons for wanting straighter teeth. Straight teeth look great and can make you feel more confident about your smile. However, that’s not the only reason you might want to have straighter teeth.

If your teeth aren’t straight, you could experience problems such as:

  • A misaligned jaw – when your teeth are crooked, it can lead to a misaligned bite, which might lead to erosion of the jawline and pain
  • Speech problems – pronouncing certain sounds can be difficult if your teeth aren’t straight, but straightening your teeth might correct these issues
  • Biting your tongue or cheek – biting your tongue or cheek can be painful and lead to mouth ulcers, and you might find you do it often if your teeth are misaligned
  • Premature tooth decay – cleaning your teeth properly when they’re not straight can be difficult, resulting in tooth decay and perhaps eventual tooth loss too

Options for Straightening Teeth

A number of options exist for getting straighter teeth. You might immediately think of metal braces, but there are also other possibilities that might be right for your needs.

The traditional option for straightening teeth is braces, but there are several options available. Metal braces are the most common, consisting of a metal bracket and wires held on by elastic ties. Self-ligating braces are similar, but the wires are held by a sliding device, instead of elastic. Clear braces are ceramic and can be made to match the colour of your teeth so that they are slightly less visible. There is also the option of lingual braces, which are placed behind the teeth instead of in front of them.

Teeth Straigtening option

How AlignerCo Can Help You Straighten Your Teeth at Home

Removable aligners offer an alternative treatment to traditional braces that is more affordable, virtually invisible and can be carried out at home. AlignerCo provides you with a simple solution to misaligned teeth, sending you a set of teeth aligners that are custom made for you. Straightening your teeth at home with invisible aligners is easy. You only need to follow a few simple steps to start straightening your teeth.

First impression count

Step 1: First impressions count

Begin by buying a teeth straightening kit, which will be delivered to your home. The kit contains everything that you need to take impressions of your teeth and send them back to AlignerCo.

Clear aligners treatment preview

Receive a preview of your treatment plan

When we receive the impressions of your teeth, we will create a teeth straightening treatment plan that is tailored to you. We show you a preview of your plan, demonstrating what your teeth could look like at the end of your treatment. You get the opportunity to approve your treatment plan before you go ahead with it.

straighten your teeth at home

Straighten your teeth at home

You receive your clear aligners after you have approved your treatment plan. Our choice of payment plans makes your treatment affordable, and you can start wearing your aligners right away. As the treatment progresses, you will continue to switch to the next aligner in your treatment plan, and your teeth will continue to straighten. Our low prices make AlignerCo much more affordable than many other providers.

The Costs of Teeth Straightening

The average cost for traditional braces in Canada is around $5,000 to $6,000. In comparison, invisible aligners are a lot more affordable. AlignerCo is also a more affordable option, even compared to other aligner brands.

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AlignerCo vs Traditional Braces

When you’re weighing up your options for teeth straightening, you might want to compare the traditional braces option with invisible, removable aligners like those provided by AlignerCo. Removable aligners can offer you a range of positives that you won’t get with traditional braces.

When you’re weighing up your options for teeth straightening, you might want to compare the traditional braces option with invisible, removable aligners like those provided by AlignerCo. Removable aligners can offer you a range of positives that you won’t get with traditional braces.

The Benefits of Invisible Aligners

Invisible aligners are a fantastic choice if you want to straighten your teeth. The benefits that they offer make them well worth investing in for anyone who wants a straighter smile.

Straighten your teeth at home

With AlignerCo invisible aligners, you can straighten your teeth at home, without monthly visits to a dentist or orthodontist. It’s a convenient way to straighten your teeth, saving you plenty of time. Your treatment could be shorter compared to other teeth straightening options too.

Remove your aligners

Invisible aligners can be removed whenever you want to. You can take them out to eat or whenever you might feel like it. Although it’s recommended that you wear them for most of the day to start seeing a difference, removing them for short periods is easy.

Easily clean your aligners

Aligners can also be cleaned easily. Traditional braces can make it try to maintain your oral health, but aligners can simply be removed. You can wash your aligners and care for your oral health as normal.

Affordable teeth straightening

AlignerCo brings you an affordable option for teeth straightening compared to both traditional braces and other aligner brands. We work hard to keep our costs low so that our aligners are affordable for even more people.

Straighten your teeth without braces

With aligners, you don’t need the hassle of traditional braces to straighten your teeth. You have a more convenient, more affordable option that’s a much easier way to get straight teeth.

Clear Braces

Clear Barces for teeth

When you choose AlignerCo for your teeth straightening treatment, you enjoy a number of excellent benefits that other brands don’t offer you. Our 100% money-back guarantee on our teeth straightening impressions kit ensures you don’t pay if our treatment isn’t suitable for your needs. We only approve you for treatment if you can get the results that you want from using our aligners.

Everyone who chooses AlignerCo gets a team of experts to design their treatment plan and supervise their progress. Our licensed team is experienced and knowledgeable, using their expert skills to review, plan and approve treatments for all individuals. Our customer service team is also there for our customers whenever you might need us. If you have any questions before, during or after treatment, simply get in touch.

We also offer the most affordable prices compared to other aligner companies. Straighter teeth should be available for all, which is why we’re passionate about keeping our prices down and offering a choice of payment plans.


Teeth Straightening FAQs

What are invisible aligners?

Invisible aligners are clear plastic appliances that fit snug against your teeth. They are designed to straighten your teeth over time while being practically invisible, as well as removable. When you choose an AlignerCo treatment plan, you get a set of aligners made to fit you, which you will progress through over the course of your treatment.

How long will my AlignerCo treatment last?

Each person is different when it comes to the length of their AlignerCo treatment. However, you might only need to wear your aligners for 4-6 months on average.

Do I need to take my aligners out to eat and drink?

It is recommended that you take out your aligners when you are eating or drinking hot and cold food and drinks. Temperature changes might damage your aligners, so it’s best to take them out. However, you can drink water when you are wearing your aligners.

When do I need to change my aligner?

Each set of aligners is designed to be worn for 10 days. As you change your aligner, your teeth will be slowly moving into place to make them straighter and better aligned.

How long do I need to wear my aligner each day?

Your aligner should be worn for between 20 and 22 hours each day. This means that you will likely be wearing them at all times when you are not eating or drinking. If you don’t wear them as prescribed, the treatment might not be effective or could take longer.

How do I clean my aligners?

When you want to wash your invisible aligners, you can simply run them under a tap or dip them in tap water. You may use a soft brush to clean them but avoid using any oral hygiene products, such as toothpaste or mouthwash.

How is AlignerCo different?

SmilePath aligners are extremely clear, making them virtually invisible when you are wearing them. All of our aligners are handcrafted and trimmed to the gumline for a better fit. We also offer a more affordable treatment option compared to other providers.

Will wearing aligners give me a lisp?

When you first start to wear your aligners, you will find that you might have a lisp. However, this should go away after a few days as you get used to wearing them.

Can I play sports or play a musical instrument while wearing aligners?

Invisible aligners don’t have to stop you enjoying your hobbies. However, we recommend removing them for high-impact sports, as they could hurt you if you are hit in the mouth. You can wear aligners while playing a musical instrument, such as the flute or trumpet, but you might need to adjust to playing while wearing your aligners.

Teeth Straightening FAQs