Can You Straighten Your Teeth By Yourself?

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Can You Straighten Your Teeth By Yourself?
Did you know that having a straight smile does more than boost your confidence? It can also prevent physical health problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, digestive difficulties, and more. Many people looking for an easy way to straighten their teeth without spending time and money on braces have turned to the internet for inspiration. There are several DIY teeth straightener methods that some claim will miraculously realign your smile, but do they really? Here are some of the most well-known teeth straightening methods shared online and why they're not the best for the results you want. We'll also share a simple, effective, and safe way to create a straight smile at home.


The mewing method is one of the at-home teeth-straightening tricks that has exploded on social media in recent years. It was popularized in the 1970s by Dr. Mike Mew, a British orthodontist that believed mewing could reshape his patients' jawline, and supposedly, realign their teeth.

How Mewing Works

The practice of mewing is focused on repositioning your tongue to a new resting place. Those who used this method to straighten their teeth would rest their tongue on the roof of their mouths and hold their teeth to touch. This movement is said to help realign your teeth and define your jawline over time.

Why You Shouldn't Try It

Although mewing is not inherently dangerous, there is very little evidence that supports this method works. Most advocates for the process of mewing are adolescents on social media whose jawlines and teeth placement are likely to change naturally with puberty.

Gap Bands

Gap Bands are small elastics that are wrapped around two teeth to close the space between them. This method is popular among teenagers and young adults. However, gap bands are highly discouraged by most dentists, orthodontists, and other medical professions due to their often dangerous effects.

How Gap Bands Work

To rid themselves of the extra space between their teeth, people will wrap small rubber bands, hairbands, and even floss around the teeth. The theory is that the band will pull the teeth together in as little as two months.

Why You Shouldn't Use It

Gap bands are not used in standard dentistry and are discouraged for good reason. Despite YouTube testimonials and tutorials claiming its authenticity, there is no research that proves gap bands actually work. However, there is evidence that they cause more harm than good. Gap bands have a history of riding up into the gums, damaging surrounding soft tissue and bone, and in extreme cases, causing tooth loss. In this case study, a young boy used gap bands to close the space between his front teeth. Just a few days later, the teeth started thrusting out of his jaw. Even after surgery, he lost 75% of bone support for those teeth. They were eventually removed altogether. Jeffery Iverson, an assistant professor at the University of Utah School of Dentistry, also shared the irreparable damage gap bands caused one of his patients. "I saw a 12-year-old patient during my residency that tried to close some spaces in her lower mandibular incisors using a rubber band. X-ray evaluation revealed severe bone loss on the distal roots of the mandibular lateral incisors." (Mitchell, 2015)

Clear Aligners are the Better Teeth Straightener

DIY teeth straightening may not be the best way to realign your smile without braces, but that doesn't mean you're out of options. Clear aligners, also known as invisible braces, are a simple and effective way to straighten your teeth without the pain and high expense that comes with braces. The process is also overseen by expert dental teams, so you can feel confident that your treatment will bring only smiles.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a type of orthodontic treatment that remedies crooked and misaligned teeth. They're made of medical-grade, BPA-free plastic and are an affordable option compared to traditional braces. More and more people have been opting for the aligners over braces because they are invisible, removable, much less painful, and best of all, successful.

How They Work

There are currently two types of clear aligner options available. In-office aligners involve a visit to an orthodontist and tend to be a more intensive process. At-home aligner treatments are completed remotely and are less expensive than the in-office options. They are designed to make small movements using gentle pressure on your teeth. Your jawbone responds to this force by moving the sockets, and your teeth follow suit.

Safe and Affordable Clear Aligners

Getting your perfect smile doesn't have to be a painful and expensive process. At AlignerCo, we want you to gain confidence in your smile in the best and most affordable way. Our at-home treatment plan is a convenient way to get the results you want with the support of a specialized team of experts, all without leaving your house.

Step 1

Order an impression kit to get an accurate impression of your teeth and send it back to our team. This step only takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Step 2

Our expert dental team will create customized invisible aligners and map out a treatment plan that's right for you. Next, you'll be ready to get started.

Step 3

Your AlignerCo aligners will be delivered right to your door and you can watch the magic happen as they straighten your teeth and create the results you want.

Get Straight Teeth With a Free Consultation

Are you ready to start smiling with confidence? Your journey to beautiful teeth can begin by answering just a few questions. Get started with our free assessment to check your eligibility and we'll send your perfect teeth straightener to you.
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