Dental Impression Kit: The Complete Scoop for Beginners

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Impression Kit.

Orthodontic treatments have revolutionized providing a range of options for people looking forward to teeth straightening. Traditional braces have been a known treatment for teeth alignment forever. However, people now look forward to some other more comfortable and easy treatment alternatives to undergo teeth straightening. Clear aligners have come forward as an alternative to traditional braces for providing effective teeth straightening seamlessly. In this blog, let us fully understand clear aligners and dental impression kits to help beginners embark on a teeth-stightening journey.

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Clear Aligners: A Revolutionary Orthodontic Approach

Want to get a perfectly aligned smile seamlessly? Clear aligners are your way forward. Explore the modern solution to your malocclusions and how clear aligners provide a comfortable and discreet option for teeth straightening. Clear aligners are plastic trays customized to each patient’s requirements. Unlike traditional braces, they do not contain any external metallic brackets or wires on the surface of your tooth.


Regarding teeth straightening, ALIGNERCO offers an innovative approach to teeth straightening with clear aligners. Orthodontic patients can now enjoy at-home teeth straightening with ALIGNERCO. These clear aligners are invisible and can be removed anytime. You can achieve your dream smile from the comfort of your home. There is no need to wait for frequent dental visits and get your teeth straightened without disturbing your routine.

How do Aligners work?

Clear aligners are worn over teeth and apply gentle pressure to bring about the desirable change you need. The average treatment duration for clear aligners ranges between four to six months. However, the treatment duration may exceed in severe cases. For optimal results, orthodontic patients are recommended to wear aligners 22 hours per day. For an effective teeth straightening procedure with ALIGNERCO follow the 3 simple steps.

1. Create Impressions

For at-home teeth straightening with clear aligners, take your dental impressions from the comfort of your home. After making impressions, send them back to us to get your customized aligners.

2. Check your Treatment plan

Our dental experts will provide you with a 3D smile projection. You will be able to check what the results will look like. After you approve of the results, clear aligners will be crafted.

3. Straighten your teeth

Receive your customized clear aligners and begin your teeth straightening with ALIGNERCO. Get your teeth straightened comfortably and painless straightening experience.

ALIGNERCO Dental Impression Kit

For beginners who are about to hop on their teeth-straightening journey, here is the complete information on the ALIGNERCO dental impression kit and how to use it for effective impressions.

Impression Putty and Trays

ALIGNERCO Dental impression kit contains impression trays and putty that are an essential element for conducting impressions. There are two trays for both the upper and lower arch of the teeth. Prepare your impression material through putty by carefully mixing the base and catalyst present in the dental impression kit. You need to ensure that the material fixes the entire impression tray for good impressions. Moreover, it is essential to follow the time prescribed in the user guide when conducting impressions.

Disposable Gloves

The dental impression kit includes a pair of disposable gloves. While undergoing dental impressions, you must ensure your oral hygiene. Start by washing your hands and wearing these gloves to maintain your oral hygiene. Your oral health is an essential element that must be considered while undertaking impressions.

Cheek Retractor

A cheek retractor is an orthodontic device used to hold an individual’s cheeks away from the teeth. They provide unobstructed access to the dental arches. This tool ensures that the impression material can reach all parts of the teeth and gingival tissue without interference from the soft tissues of the cheeks or lips. They are made of plastic which makes it easy for patients to apply.

Treatment Plan

Once orthodontic patients are done with the impressions they will send us back. Under the supervision of dental experts, we will provide a treatment plan including a 3D smile projection for the patient’s approval. Clear aligners will be customized on the patient’s approval and confirmation.

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To sum up, patients now widely prefer clear aligners for a comfortable orthodontic treatment experience. The orthodontic treatment of clear aligners begins by taking at-home impressions with the help of a dental impression kit. The dental impression kit holds all the necessities required to draft the perfect impression for aligners. ALIGNERCO looks forward to providing an extraordinary orthodontic experience for people who want discreet treatment from the comfort of their homes.


1. What does a dental impression kit contain?

A Dental Impression kit includes all the necessary items required to craft impressions; impression trays, putty, disposable gloves, cheek retractor, and a treatment plan.

2. How to use a dental impression kit?

The dental impression kit comes with a user guide for easy usage. With the help of impression putty, you can make your impression material and apply it on the impression trays. Hold the impression trays in your mouth for a given time.

3. Why does a clear aligner treatment contain a dental impression kit?

Clear aligners are customized according to each patient’s requirements. For the customization, patients are provided with a dental impression kit first.

4. How can I get my teeth straightened at home?

ALIGNERCO offers an effective at-home teeth straightening. It is the best way for individuals who want hassle-free teeth straightening without compromising on their busy routine.

5. What are the benefits of clear aligners for teeth straightening?

Clear aligners offer a more discreet and comfortable teeth straightening experience. It is now widely preferred among individuals due to its invisible and removable feature.

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