Habits you can kick during your Invisible Aligners treatment

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Habits you can kick during your Invisible Aligners treatment
With the invisible aligners available from ALIGNERCO, it's much simpler to end up with beautiful, straight teeth after three easy steps. After creating impressions of your teeth and mapping out the treatment, you will have to wear your aligner trays for at least 22 hours a day, swapping them with a new one every time your treatment progresses in the right area. Not only are our invisible aligners discreet, super easy to take out and put in, and much less restrictive and time-consuming than metal braces, but they can help you make real improvements to your habits. Here, we will describe what you could find a lot easier to quit while going through our invisible aligners treatment.

Skipping your dental hygiene routines

Though we all know the importance of flossing at least once a day, brushing in the morning, night, after every meal, and rinsing, sometimes we tend to let our dental hygiene habits slip. If we let it happen often enough, it can present serious consequences for our teeth. However, when wearing our invisible aligners, you may feel compelled to take the best care of your teeth. Our customers expect a brighter, straighter smile at the end of their invisible aligners treatment. This hope motivates many of them to take better care of it. You should brush and floss your teeth every time you eat or before you put your aligners back in. Since you’re already thinking about your teeth when putting the aligners in, you’re more likely to remember to give them the care they need. The better care you take of your teeth during your invisible aligners treatment, the more profound the improvement will be when you get done with the treatment.

Hunting for snacks

When it comes to our dietary habits, the convenience of finding a snack now and then can make it difficult to ignore our cravings. Snacking is loved by a lot of individuals but it’s also a cause of weight gain. If we are rummaging for snacks in the fridge between meals, then we tend to eat a lot more throughout the day than we might even recognise. How could invisible aligners possibly help when it comes to your snacking habit? You have to be mindful of what you eat while wearing clear aligners because you have to actively take out the aligners every time you eat, brush your teeth after eating, and then put them back in, it’s enough to make you consider when you want to eat. Several people find themselves a lot less willing to go through all that effort for the temporary joy of a snack. Not only can cutting down snacks be good for your teeth (especially for those who prefer more sugary snacks), but it can be good for your general health, too. People who snack less often are likely to have a much easier time when it comes to losing weight.

Biting your nails

For some people, it’s a nervous tick. For others, it’s simply an unconscious habit. While most of our nervous habits aren’t that harmful, that cannot be true about biting your nails. We might not like to think about it, but your nails are a hotbed for germs. The bacteria in your mouth aren’t great for your nails, either. As such, your chances of getting a nail infection or of making yourself ill due to biting your nail when there might be some contaminant on them are worth trying to avoid this habit as best as possible. What’s more, biting your nails can damage your teeth over time. In particular, biting your nails can be one of the contributing factors that lead to teeth getting out of alignment. Invisible aligners should not be worn while biting. While they are discreet and meant to fit well, they can make the act of biting a little bit unwieldy. As such, you might find that your nail-biting isn’t as effective and the habit becomes a lot easier to drop, even without noticing it.

Going for a smoke

There are few things that your doctor or dentist would recommend as heartily as giving up smoking. It’s a tough habit to break, but it’s worth it. Smoking comes with a plethora of long-term health risks, including increasing the threat of lung and throat cancer. Smoking also affects your lung capacity in general and contributes to yellow teeth, bad breath, gum disease, and even tooth loss. Several people who wear invisible aligners find it somewhat easier to quit smoking. Dealing with those cravings still takes some serious willpower, of course. However, you have to avoid smoking when wearing aligners. You should take the aligners out, brush them after smoking, and then put them back in. This simple sequence of motions makes smoking a little more convenient as well as makes you a lot more mindful of when you choose to smoke. As such, if you already wish to leave the habit, invisible aligners can make it a bit easier.

What can our invisible aligners do for you?

Of course, whether or not you can break the habits mentioned above depends on you. However, several people who have tried the invisible aligners treatment from ALIGNERCO have found that it does help them take much better care of their teeth.

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