How Long do Braces Take to Straighten Crowded Teeth?

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How Long do Braces Take to Straighten Crowded Teeth?

Table of contents

  1. What Are Crowded Teeth?
  2. What Causes Crowded Teeth?
  3. Signs of Dental Crowding
  4. How to Straighten Crowded Teeth
  5. Using Metal Braces to Straighten Teeth
  6. Using Clear Braces to Straighten Teeth
  7. Benefits of Teeth Straightening at Home
  8. Nighttime Clear Aligners
  9. Straighten Crowded Teeth Today!
Are you currently struggling with crowded teeth? Are you looking for a way to straighten crowded teeth quickly? Do you find yourself going back and forth between choosing metal or clear braces? If this sounds like anything you are going through, there is no need to fret. About 34% of Canadians have some type of dental treatment they need to take care of. If you are looking for more information on the different types of braces available and their pros and cons, then you came to the right place. We will briefly go over overcrowded teeth, braces, and who you can contact to start your treatment plan today!

What Are Crowded Teeth?

Crowded teeth, also known as dental crowding, is a condition where your teeth grow in unnatural positions. Dental crowding happens because your teeth do not have enough room to grow into their correct positions. Dental crowding causes your teeth to push up against one another, making your teeth crooked and uneven.

What Causes Crowded Teeth?

Several different factors cause dental crowding. One of the main reasons many people have an issue with crowded teeth are genetics. For example, if you have a smaller jaw, your jaw can impact how your teeth grow in, causing a crowding issue. Other factors that cause crowding
  • Abnormal tooth growth
  • Extra teeth
  • Losing your baby teeth prematurely
  • Unusually large teeth
There are different levels of severities of crowding, as some can only result in one twisted tooth. There are other situations where someone's entire row of teeth can grow in improperly.

Signs of Dental Crowding

If you have concerns about your child's teeth or your own teeth, there are a few signs you can look out for to determine if there is a crowding problem. If you experience discomforting biting down, you may have crowded teeth. Other possible signs of dental crowding:
  • Crooked teeth sit at unnatural angles
  • Teeth overlap one another
  • Excessive overjet
  • Jaw pain
  • Bleeding gums when you floss
  • Difficulty flossing and brushing
If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, you may have an issue with dental crowding. There is no need to worry, though; there are ways to fix your crowded teeth.

How to Straighten Crowded Teeth

You have the option to straighten your crowded teeth with either metal or clear braces. Most people opt for metal braces because they are unaware of the benefits that come with using clear braces.

Using Metal Braces to Straighten Teeth

Metal braces are the most common and traditional way of straightening crowded teeth. This technique uses elastic, arch wire, brackets, and bonding material to straighten your teeth. Once the metal is attached to your teeth, it can take anywhere between five months to a year to see results. Although many people opt for this method, they find metal braces to be extremely uncomfortable. Once you have your metal braces on, you cannot take them off. There is no way to relieve yourself from the discomfort associated with metal braces.

Lifestyle With Braces

When you wear metal braces, you have to be cautious of the type of activities you like to partake in. For example, if you are an athlete, you may need to take extra caution with your metal braces. Your orthodontist will need to point you in the right direction of an appropriate mouth guard to prevent any injuries or damages to you or your teeth.

Diet With Metal Braces

If you do not follow your orthodontist's advice about the types of foods you can't eat while you have on metal braces, you could significantly impact how long you have to keep on your braces. Eating any crunchy, hard, or sticky foods can break off several parts of your braces. This includes any gum, raw veggies, candy, or popcorn. If you break any parts of your braces, you may need to go in for an emergency appointment. Clear braces allow you to take out your aligners when you eat. You won't have to limit yourself to certain foods when you go the clear braces route.

Using Clear Braces to Straighten Teeth

Contrary to popular belief, clear braces offer the same benefits that metal braces provide. This treatment is very cost-effective, more comfortable, and extremely convenient. Teeth straightening at home is possible with clear braces. So if you are looking for a more convenient way to straighten your teeth without having to go to your local dentist's office, clear braces are the option for you.

Clear Braces Process

The process to straighten crowded teeth with clear braces is extremely easy and very convenient. All you will have to do is have your impression made. A reputable company, such as Aligner Co, will send you an impression box to your address. Once you receive your box, you follow the simple instructions to create your impression. You will then send the impressions back to the address in the instructions. The experts will then create custom clear braces for you to wear. As you wear your new aligners, you will feel a gentle amount of pressure as your teeth start to realign themselves. Once you finish your treatment plan, you may need to wear retainers to maintain your results.

Clear Braces Duration

Not only are clear braces more comfortable than their metal brace counterpart, but they also produce results much faster. As mentioned earlier, metal braces can take between five months to a year before seeing any results. With clear aligners, you can see results within about four months. Of course, your dental treatment timeline will depend on the extent of your crowded teeth. For the most part, most patients see significant results within about four months. Even if your treatment takes a few more months than the average patient, you still reap the benefits of using clear aligners over the uncomfortable metal braces method.

Benefits of Teeth Straightening at Home

As stated earlier, when you opt in to use clear braces instead of metal braces, you get to skip the trip to the dentist's office. You can complete your entire treatment process in the comfort of your own home.

Discreet Treatment

Gone are the days of having to walk around with a mouth full of metal. Clear aligner trays are practically invisible. Only a few people will know that you have these aligners on if they are up close to you.

Comfortable Braces

Clear aligners are comparatively more comfortable than wearing braces. If you feel any discomfort during the treatment process, you have the option to take them off. Make sure that you keep your aligners in for at least 22 hours a day.

Extremely Affordable Options

Aligner Co clear braces are incredibly affordable. Metal braces can cost you thousands of dollars to complete the entire treatment plan. The complete treatment price for clear braces starts at around $1,200.

Shorter Treatment Timeline

The treatment timeline for metal braces is often longer than clear braces. The main reason why metal braces take longer is because of the multiple visits to the orthodontist. Your orthodontist will need to attach brackets and tighten wires regularly. These adjustments can cause extreme pain and discomfort and can cost you a lot of money in the long run. When you go through the clear braces treatment plan, you only have to pay once for the entire treatment. You also already have all the aligner trays you need to complete your treatment plan.

Nighttime Clear Aligners

If you are looking for an option where you only wear your clear braces at night, you can opt for nighttime aligners. You will only need to wear these aligners when you go to sleep, and they only stay on for about eight to ten hours. If you are looking for quicker results with straightening your teeth, you may want to use standard clear braces. Nighttime clear braces may elongate your treatment timeline by a few more months.

Straighten Crowded Teeth Today!

Now that you know about the major differences between metal braces and clear braces, it's time to straighten crowded teeth now! Metal braces are outdated, uncomfortable, and unnecessary. Going into your orthodontist regularly to have your braces cleaned and adjusted can put a kink in your already busy routine. If you are ready to start straightening your teeth with a more affordable and comfortable option, take our free assessment to check your eligibility. Clear braces not only provide you with the results you want and need, but they also allow you the convenience of straightening your crowded teeth, all in the comfort of your own home.
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