Living with Teeth Aligners: Do’s and Don’ts

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Living with Teeth Aligners: Do’s and Don’ts
Smile in front of a mirror. Do you love what you see? If not, we recommend teeth aligners to straighten your pearly whites for that killer smile. Having a straighter smile offers a big confidence boost. Apart from the looks, did you know that it helps prevent physical and oral health problems? Straight teeth help prevent issues such as gum disease and digestive problems, so teeth aligners are invaluable. Understandably, money can be tight, so you want a way to strengthen your teeth without spending much. Clear aligners are effective for straight teeth but cut on the expense you'd otherwise incur with braces. Your misaligned teeth don't have to get in the way of your happy smile anymore. Although the direct-to-customer aligners are simple to use, they can have some dangerous effects when misused. The main problem is with unsupervised patients using at-home teeth aligners. It's important know how to keep up with care for effective treatment. Wondering what could go wrong when living with teeth aligners? Continue reading to discover the do's and don'ts.


Remove and Clean Your Trays Every Morning

As you sleep, bacteria build up on trays, which can cause problems if left on during the day. Your morning routine should involve cleaning your aligners to maintain excellent oral hygiene.

Remove Aligner Trays Before Eating

You should never bite into your desired savouries with your aligners on your teeth. The aligner trays should be removed before you start eating. They can be put back on once your finish your food.

Brush and Floss Before Placing the Aligners Back

Now that your aligner trays are clean, you shouldn't assume that the bacteria are all gone. It's equally important to brush and floss your teeth before putting your aligners back. Teeth brushing and flossing rids your mouth of trapped food particles. You thus ensure a clean and fresh mouth before returning the aligners on your teeth.

Always Have an Aligner Care Pack With You

Your aligners need the correct care all the time, but most people forget all cleaning tools when going on long trips. You end up skipping the cleaning or storage routine, which gets in the way of the results you want. Pack and carry a small bag to care for your aligners on the go. If you're planning an extended trip, carry the new trays alongside the existing ones to avoid disrupting the treatment plan.

Wear the Aligners per the Dentist's Recommendation

Most people want straight teeth but are reluctant to help make it happen. It would help if you didn't slack off wearing your aligners for the best teeth alignment results. Orthodontists recommend wearing the aligners 20 to 22 hours each day for the best results. We recommend switching to new ones every 7 to 10 days, depending on the progress you're making.

Rinse and Soak Your Aligners

Anytime you remove your aligners, be sure to rinse them off to prevent dried saliva and plaque buildup. While rinsing, you could use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of stuck-on particles.

Know How to Store Aligners

The effectiveness of your aligners depends on how you wear and store them. Knowing how to store aligners is essential to ensure they maintain their integrity. Store your aligners in their case after removing and cleaning them. Keep them away from direct sunlight or excessive heat. The high temperatures interfere with the aligner material, rendering it ineffective.

Regularly Schedule Dental Checkups

Direct-to-customer aligners are great for achieving that killer smile, but you still need to visit a dentist for the best results. Scheduling a dental checkup will ensure your gums and teeth are in great shape. The dentist checks the state of your teeth and recommends the best adjustment to your treatment plan, if any.


Use Toothpaste or Mouthwash to Clean Aligners

Although toothpaste and mouthwash are effective for cleaning your teeth, you shouldn't use them for your aligners. Toothpaste is made of elements that can stain or discolor the aligners over time. As a result of the repetitive action, your aligners develop an unpleasant taste.

Eat or Drink with Aligners On

Water is the only thing you can drink with your aligners on. Eating food with the aligners can force food particles into the spaces, damaging the trays. Drinks like wine or coffee also discolor the invisible braces, making them filthy.

Clean Aligners Using Hot Water

You shouldn't use hot water to clean your aligners, no matter how dirty you think they are. Teeth aligners are made of medical-grade, BPA-free plastic that's sensitive to high temperatures. Hot water can distort the form of these aligners, making them unsuitable for teeth straightening.

Bite Your Aligners Into Position

A common problem for most people is biting the aligners into position, which they don't see an issue with. Truth is, biting down on aligners can damage them, meaning they won't be as functional as they need to be. You could also damage your teeth, creating a whole new issue that can be expensive to remedy.

Leave the Aligners Lying Around

Leaving the aligners lying around when not in use can expose them to bacteria. You also risk your pet playing or chewing on the aligners, which would damage them. You should store them safely away in a case to make them clean and safe for the next time you use them.

Forget to wear your retainers after the treatment

After your treatment has ended, do not forget to get a set of retainers and wear them for at least 24 hours for two weeks and afterwards simply at night, for the rest of your life. This helps to keep the teeth in the same position, they were aligned in.

You Now Know the Do's and Don'ts When Living with Teeth Aligners

Clear aligners are your surest path to straight teeth without breaking your bank. You need to use the aligners properly to ensure they serve the purpose within your treatment plan. Consider the above dos and don'ts when living with teeth aligners. Are you interested in direct-to-customer aligners for your teeth straightening treatment plan? ALIGNERCO is here to help! We're committed to ensuring those pearlies remain straight, so we offer quality aligners for your treatment plan. Take a free assessment to check your eligibility for invisible aligners.
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