Night Braces Guide: Can NightOnly Clear Aligners Straighten Your Teeth?

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Night Braces Guide: Can NightOnly Clear Aligners Straighten Your Teeth?

Do you have slightly uneven crooked teeth and want a more refined smile, but are hesitant? Do you worry about committing to long term metal braces? Do all day aligners sound like too much work? Then our NightOnly clear aligners are a perfect match for you. But “Do NightOnly clear aligners work?”

“What are the new night time invisible aligners?”

“How are these aligners different from daytime invisible aligners?”

If you have these questions, making a decision can be difficult. Choosing between clear aligners for nighttime use exclusively, invisible aligners throughout the day, and traditional braces might be challenging.

Fear not; we have compiled this article with all the necessary information. You can determine whether nighttime aligners are the correct choice after getting all the information you need about them. Continue reading to find out more.

Difference between All Day Vs Night Time Aligners

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are some of the best technological advances that have made orthodontic treatment less visible. Many adults wish they had straighter teeth but lack the time and resources to undergo regular orthodontic treatment. If this describes you, you've arrived at the correct place. Fixed brackets and wires are used in traditional orthodontic systems, making them both uncomfortable and unattractive. At-home teeth alignment services use telehealth technology to deliver treatment remotely, reducing the need for regular office visits.

All-Day Invisible Aligners

To understand whether NightOnly clear aligners are right for you, you first need to understand what All-Day invisible aligners are. These are clear aligners that you have to wear around 22 hours a day.

You are required to wear them at all times, except when you’re cleaning your teeth or eating. All-Day invisible aligners are incredibly effective when it comes to teeth straightening. They can take as little as 4 months to make your teeth straight. Sometimes, this time amount might be closer to 6 months.

For this reason, if you have moderate or mild spacing issues with your teeth, this daytime version of clear braces is probably the fastest option for teeth straightening at home.

NightOnly Clear Aligners

Our NightOnly Clear Aligners treatment corrects your misaligned teeth while requiring less wear time. They are worn for 10+ hours per day, as opposed to 22+ hours per day for regular aligners.

Continue with your everyday routine without worrying about how to manage your aligners around meals and activities

NightOnly clear aligners will take slightly longer to work. You’ll have to wait between 6 and 8 months for the effect of teeth straightening with NightOnly clear aligners. These aligners are made of BPA-free plastic that is thin, just like daytime invisible aligners. This means that they’ll be comfortable enough for you to sleep when wearing them.

How Do ALIGNERCO NightOnly Clear Aligners Work?

Make an Impression

You'll receive an Impression Kit with instructions to start your orthodontic treatment at home. Take your dental impressions and send them to us so we can determine your candidacy.

Approve Your Smile

Our dentists will evaluate your case and build a customized aligner’s treatment plan for your smile. Preview a 3D image of your perfect teeth and get started with your treatment.

Let our Aligners work while you sleep!

Custom aligners are made and shipped within 2-4 weeks. Our dental care assistant will address your worries throughout your aligner treatment. Thanks to our NightOnly aligners, you can rest and watch your new beautiful smile appear.

Why Should You Choose NightOnly Aligners?

If you didn’t think that at-home clear aligner treatment could get any more convenient, think again!

Have you ever wished to work out while you sleep or do your skin care routine during a nap?? You might not be able to do that, but you know what you can do while sleeping? You guessed it, You can achieve your best smile, because our NightOnly Aligners work while you sleep. Just look at a few of the advantages:

It’s a Secret

Clear aligners are more unobtrusive than metal braces. Modern transparent aligners are barely discernible unless up close. Still, you need to take them out while you eat or drink anything other than water. This, if you don’t want anyone to know, needs frequent bathroom runs. Want the quietest treatment? Our NightOnly Aligners means you won't have to wear anything during work, lunch, social gatherings, or other daytime activities. You'll only wear your aligners at night when no one else is around.

Eat what you like, when you like

While using Clear aligners, you must remove your aligners every time you eat or drink. To maintain appropriate dental hygiene, you'll need to brush and floss after you've finished. Because most people eat numerous times during the day (except for intermittent fasters), you'll be removing and reapplying your aligners frequently. NightOnly Aligner treatment allows you to bypass this entire cycle unless you often eat after midnight. Simply put them in after dinner and forget them until the next morning.

Easier Routine to Follow

Maintaining your aligners is simplest with a schedule. No matter the brand, consistency ensures treatment efficacy. NightOnly treatment is simple to follow. Whether you're an early riser or a night owl, adding nighttime aligners to your sleep regimen is easy. After brushing and flossing, put your aligners in and begin your bedtime routine. Wash your face, read a book, journal, work, or go to bed.

Sleep Better by Saving Money

ALIGNERCO, NightOnly Aligners give more effective and less expensive treatment than traditional choices and other Aligner brands. We have several payment alternatives to suit your needs. Our night clear aligners come with three payment plans and the ability to pay over time.

Do NightOnly Clear Aligners Work?

If you’re asking yourself, “Do NightOnly clear aligners?” The answer is yes. Even though they take longer to be effective, they do work. In an interview with Dr. Robee Bailey in Top Rated Dentist, he explained why it makes sense to use an invisible aligner.

He said, “Our adult patients who are in the media or speak in front of audiences enjoy them because they are essentially invisible. From a health perspective, because they are removable, it provides better access for oral hygiene care than traditional braces.”

Of course, NightOnly clear aligners will only work if you use them properly. Many people may use them only when they sleep. If you only sleep the 7 to 9 hours recommended by the Canadian government, then you need to put in your aligners a couple of hours before you hit the bed.

If you follow this guideline, and wear your aligners for at least 10 hours then your teeth should be straight in as little as 6-8 months.

Our Conclusion on Night Braces

The difference between daytime and nighttime aligners is that they are simply made to accommodate different lifestyles. If you work from home, then it might make sense to go with daytime aligners. If you work in an office or elsewhere outside of your home, it may be less embarrassing to wear night braces.

Additionally, if you find it difficult to stay organized, you might be better off wearing night braces. This is because you could easily lose your daytime aligners after taking them out for lunch. It’s easier to keep them at home.

However, if you enjoy going out at night, then night braces might not be optimal. As you can see, it’s smart to consider your lifestyle and preferences when deciding between night braces and daytime invisible aligners.


What is the difference between Regular and Night Only Aligners?

Both types of treatments achieve a perfect smile. The significant difference is the wear time, regular aligners need to be worn for 20-22 hours each day when NightOnly Aligners need to be worn for only 8-10 continuous hours at night, while you sleep. Whereas, treatment duration may also vary.

Can we eat & drink with Aligners in?

Our Team of Experts strongly discourages you to eat/chew or drink hot & cold beverages with the aligners in, as they can damage the Aligners. You can only drink water while having them in.

What if I have trouble getting my Aligners to fit?

Some people find it difficult at first to get the aligners on the back of their teeth. It takes a bit of practice and getting used to, especially when the aligners are new to you. Be sure to follow the instructions on insertion and removal. If you are still having trouble, contact us, and we are glad to help you.

Take our free Assessment now, to find out if you are eligible for our NightOnly Aligners.

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