Teeth Braces Vs Aligners: How To Decide Which One's Suitable For You

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Teeth Braces Vs Aligners: How To Decide Which One’s Suitable For You
Undergoing orthodontic treatments using teeth braces or aligners is a big commitment, so, understandably, many people worry if they are making the right decision. Teeth braces cost factors and the effectiveness of aligners are just a few of the factors you'll want to consider before committing to one option or the other. More and more people are seeking the advantages of aligners. The global market for clear aligners is expected to triple over the next several years. If you are exploring which orthodontic treatment is right for you, we'll cover the pros and cons of braces and clear aligners, so you know which option is right for you.

How Metal Braces Work

There are several types of metal braces available, and they all work basically the same. An orthodontist places metal braces. Orthodontists undergo years of additional training after graduating from dental school. The orthodontist will need to examine your teeth. X-rays and other forms of imaging are typically used to examine the position of your teeth and various structures in your jaw.

Brackets, Attachments, and Archwire

Once treatment begins, the orthodontist will place metal brackets on the front of each of the patient's teeth. Dental cement holds the brackets in place. The orthodontist may place rubber bands and smaller attachments. The orthodontist uses an archwire to pull the brackets. Archwires pull the teeth into a better position. As the orthodontist tightens the wire, the wire pulls the brackets, which pull the teeth.

Regular Visits to See the Orthodontist

Braces require multiple visits to see the orthodontist over the course of a few years or longer. During each visit, the orthodontist documents progress fixes broken appliances and tightens the archwire. Once the treatment ends, the orthodontist gives patients a clear retainer that they have to wear nightly to maintain their cosmetic results.

Teeth Braces Cost Factors

The average cost of braces is $3,000 to $10,000, but the treatment can reach several thousand dollars or more. The length of treatment, type of braces used, and location of the orthodontic office are all factors that affect the price of braces.

How Clear Aligners Work

Clear aligners move teeth into better alignment through different means. Metal braces grasp teeth through the use of brackets that are cemented to the front of teeth. Clear aligners place gentle pressure on the surface of teeth.

Slim Profile

Clear aligners look similar to mouthguards or retainers, but they have a much slimmer profile that allows them to be virtually invisible when worn. Technicians fabricate aligners from advanced materials that are durable yet safe to use.

A Snug Fit

Aligners fit snuggly over teeth and naturally stay in place. Individuals who undergo teeth straightening using clear aligners begin by making a dental impression. Dentists or customers make an impression using a special putty. Once the dentist or customer makes the impression, a technician uses that information to fabricate several sets of trays or more. The first set of trays closely resembles the current shape and contours of your teeth.

Gentle and Consistent Pressure

Aligners are designed to place gentle pressure on certain areas of your teeth. Over time, this pressure slowly moves teeth into a better position. As the teeth move, the underlying jawbone adjusts to the movements and makes the new position of teeth permanent. One of the great things about clear aligners is that they can be used at any age of adulthood.

Are Metal Teeth Braces Better for Complex Cases?

Although rare, there are times when metal braces are required to correct dental alignment problems. Very large gaps, severe misalignment, and other complex cases may require treatment using metal braces. Treating very complex cases is one of the advantages of braces, but there are also several drawbacks that people should consider when weighing metal braces against clear aligners.

Diet Restrictions

Metal braces require significant dietary changes. Certain foods like hard candies can break brackets and other dental appliances. Snacks like caramel can be very difficult to remove from your braces. If you undergo orthodontic treatment, you will be told to refrain from eating a wide range of foods until your treatment is complete.

Not Removable

Unlike clear aligners, metal braces are not removable. You cannot remove metal braces for photos, and you cannot remove them when making public speeches. In short, there's no escape from the discomfort of wearing braces.

Longer Treatments

Treatments that use metal braces tend to last longer. The extra length of treatment is due to several reasons. Braces are often used to treat complex cases. Treatment using metal braces also requires extra visits before and after the treatment period. Patients visit the orthodontist for initial consultations. Then they have to spend a few hours in a dentist's chair while the attachments are placed. When the treatment is complete, they still need to visit the orthodontist once again to have all of the attachments removed.

Costlier Treatments

Metal braces tend to be more expensive. Patients are paying for the time of orthodontists and their staff. There is also the cost of the materials that are used throughout the treatment.


Metal braces are notorious for being uncomfortable. The discomfort can be particularly pronounced right after the orthodontist tightens the archwire. Archwires place significant pressure on teeth. It can take several days for your teeth to adjust. During that time, your jawbone can feel achy, and eating can be uncomfortable.

Are Aligners Better for Me?

Most teens and adults are great candidates for ALIGNERCO's clear aligners. If you have mild to moderate cases of misalignment, you undergo treatment using ALIGNERCO's cost-effective and convenient clear trays.

No Visits to the Orthodontist or Dentist

Unlike metal braces, you won't have to visit the orthodontist several times a year for checkups and other visits. Simply order our impression kit online, and we'll mail it directly to your home. Major clear aligner brands require supervision from a dentist. This can add considerably to the cost of treatment. ALIGNERCO removes this cost barrier by working directly with customers.

Undergo Treatment From the Convenience of Home

Once you mail us your impression, one of our specialists will fabricate custom aligner trays that are to be worn throughout the day. Unlike metal braces, you can remove the trays when needed, although you'll need to keep them in for about 22 hours per day.

Cosmetic Results

Within weeks, you'll start noticing cosmetic results. The treatment timeline for ALIGNERCO customers is generally shorter than the average treatment timeline for traditional metal braces.

Affordable Treatments

Our custom aligner trays are one of Canada's most affordable options for teeth straightening. Some of our plans come with easy monthly installment options. Customers can pay for the SmileFlex option, for example, through monthly installments of . Customers can pay for the entire plan in just one year.

No Dietary Restrictions

Unlike metal braces, clear aligners do not require dietary changes. Anyone who uses clear aligners can remove their trays before eating and place them back on afterward. Care should be taken to keep the clear aligners free from buildup. Clear aligner customers can keep their aligner trays clean by brushing the aligners with water and a toothbrush.

Final Considerations

It's important to remember that metal braces and clear aligners deliver the same results. The vast majority of teenagers and adults are great candidates for ALIGNERCO's clear aligner treatments. In general, metal braces and clear aligners come with very different requirements and restrictions. If visiting an orthodontist several times a year seems like a hassle then Alignerco's at-home treatments may be a better option. If you have complex dental issues that require an orthodontist's careful attention, then traditional metal braces may be the better option. Ask your friends what their experiences were like using both options. Metal braces used to be the only option for teens and adults. Clear aligners are becoming more and more popular for the reasons listed in this article.

Enjoy Cost-Effective Teeth Straightening

Teeth braces deliver drastic cosmetic results that can boost your self-esteem. If you are looking for teeth braces, your two basic options are metal braces and clear aligners. Traditional metal braces are better suited for treating complex and rare dental misalignment options. If teeth braces cost factors are high on your mind, ALIGNERCO remains one of the most affordable teeth-straightening options on the market. Our growing Alignerco family includes adults of all ages who found that at-home treatments were preferable to costly orthodontic work. Take the first step toward a more beautiful smile by taking your free online assessment today.
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