What makes ALIGNERCO different?

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What makes ALIGNERCO different
Are you curious about straightening your teeth? Maybe you have some crooked teeth you’re not feeling confident about, or maybe you’re looking to switch from one form of teeth straightening to another. No matter the cause of your interest in finding a way to straighten your teeth, we aim to be a one-stop-shop for all of your questions and concerns. ALIGNERCO has a lot of experience in the dental industry, specifically surrounding teeth straightening and all of its applications and costs. We know just how difficult it can be to face dental procedures, in any form, and we’ve done what we can to bridge the gap in the teeth straightening market. Here at ALIGNERCO, we have come up with an at-home teeth-straightening solution for you, via the use of clear aligners. It’s the core of what makes us different in the dental market: we want the treatment process to be easy to apply and commit to, and to also be cosmetically pleasing for both your comfort and confidence needs. Every patient has different dental needs, after all, and we want their teeth straightening concerns to be addressed on a case by case basis. With clear aligners, this is something we can achieve. Straightening your teeth at home is made easier with ALIGNERCO. The clear aligners we have on offer makes it a simple process that you can complete yourself, entirely at home. But we know you have questions, and we aim to answer any and all of them, so be sure to read through our guide below.

How to Straighten Your Teeth

Many people who don’t have naturally straight teeth want to do something about them. This can be for a variety of reasons. For many, crooked teeth can mean their bite is off, teeth may wear away more quickly, and dental hygiene may be poor as a result. It’s hard to take care of teeth that are hidden behind others or feel displaced in the mouth, and teeth straightening is the one-stop solution for fixing problems such as these. Similarly, many people want to straighten their teeth for cosmetic reasons. Straightening your teeth can be a real confidence booster. It’s lovely to be able to smile and laugh, no matter what your teeth look like, but it’s nice to know you have a lovely, straight set of pearly whites to show off too. And there are two main ways to straighten your teeth currently on the market – wearing braces or wearing clear aligners. If you wish to know more about either process, be sure to read through the details below.


Braces are a very traditional method to straighten a patient’s teeth. They’re a tried and tested method of moving teeth into place over a period of time, and it’s not uncommon to see hundreds of children and young adults with metal wires wrapped around their teeth. However, the dental industry has come a long way since its first inception, and thus, there are many different kinds of braces currently on the market. Patients no longer have to use metal braces to straighten their teeth, and can ask for more nuanced, subtle braces to be used in their dental plan. Here are the three types of available braces that you’ll most likely be introduced to early in your teeth straightening treatment:

Metal Braces

Metal Braces The most traditional, but still common, type of braces. These are good for younger kids and teenagers, and they’re also usually quoted as a more budget-friendly option for adults on strict budgets. We’ll delve a little more into the pricing points of these treatments later on in the article. Using metal brackets and wires, that cannot be coloured to suit your teeth or appear invisible, these slowly align a patient’s teeth to ensure their bite sits right, and their teeth sit and appear straight. Metal braces can be slightly customized with bright or vibrant colours, which is why they’re quite popular with school-age children.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces Ceramic braces are a newer form of braces, and are very popular amongst young adults and teenagers, thanks to their tooth toned, more subtle look. The brackets themselves are made to be the same colour as a patient’s teeth, and the colouring of the wire is optional too. The appearance of these braces is far less obvious than its metal counterpart, making them great for people concerned about the cosmetics of wearing braces for months at a time.

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces Lingual braces are invisible in that they’re attached to the back of a patient’s teeth, rather than the front of them. However, the wiring and attachments, used to push your teeth into place, are still a part of the design. Similarly, lingual braces are placed nearest to the tongue out of all of these options. Because of this, it can be much harder for a patient to get used to wearing them. Speech, eating, and even tongue placement can be difficult to adjust to, and take longer to regain compared to the other types of braces. But braces are not the only way to straighten your teeth; you can also make use of clear aligners. We’ve detailed how they work below:

Clear Aligners

ALIGNERCO Clear Aligners You may not have heard of clear aligners before, but they’re a big hit in the dental industry and are suitable for many different types of patients and their potential dental issues. Clear aligners are used to slowly and surely move the teeth into a straight position, sitting comfortably in your mouth, removing any cosmetic or dental issues you may experience that are related to crooked teeth. In more specific terms, clear aligners are a series of aligners that fit over your teeth and apply precise, acute force to ensure they move into the position both you and your dentist would like them to be in. Clear aligners are made to suit you, in a snug-fitting and comfortable manner, while also being entirely clear and invisible in your mouth. Clear aligners may be a little uncomfortable to wear at first, thanks to the new pressure in your mouth, but they’re easy to get used to/be broken in by the wearer. They’re also able to be used at home, fitted by the wearer themselves, rather than a dentist. This factor ensures they differ from traditional braces, in that they are removable, and are worn to the patient’s discretion.

How long would I have to wear them?

Depending on how severe the case is, you may be wearing them for only 4-6 months on average. The aligners themselves come in sets, and each set is supposed to be worn for 10 days at a time. On a daily basis, aligners are supposed to be worn for at least 20 hours. Your dentist will prescribe them to you with very specific instructions on how long to wear your aligners for, to get the most out of the treatment, and to ensure the teeth straightening isn’t delayed.

How Much Does it Cost to Straighten Teeth?

People worry a lot about the cost of healthcare, and in particular, the cost of dentistry, which isn’t covered under the Canada Health Act. Depending on the clinic you attend, whether private or public sector, you’re going to be facing different prices. However, we can give you average figures, and in the case of clear aligners, we can give you a proper price point. Straightening teeth is part of a dental plan, and thus, many people will have to use health insurance or money from their own savings to pay for it. Because of this, receiving dental treatment takes a lot of planning and preparation; you want to be sure you’re paying for the treatment you need, and in the case of teeth straightening, you’re going to be paying for one of two different treatments:


Braces can be very expensive to try and afford. The cost of braces depends on the patient, and each time a brace is commissioned, the dentist themself will have to quote a specific price point that may have been different for another patient. Because of this, the affordability of braces can be quite low. On average, braces can cost anywhere from $5000 to $6000, depending on the treatment process involved, any dental issues the patient may have, and what orthodontic devices will be required. Some people can pay only $3000 for proper braces to be fitted, while other people may have to pay nearly $10,000 to have their braces made and fitted. Traditional metal braces are often the cheapest form of braces to invest in, costing between $3000 and $7000. For ceramic braces, the price point is between $4000 and $8000. For lingual braces, you’ll be paying between $8000 and $10,000.

Clear Aligners

One of the cheaper ways to straighten your teeth is via the use of clear aligners, like these, we sell here at ALIGNERCO. Indeed, investing in this teeth straightening method can be up to 60% cheaper than having to fork out for traditional braces. Depending on the use of your clear aligners, you may be paying for both day and night aligners, or simply just night only aligners. The initial assessment appointment, to ensure that clear aligners are right for you (in case of mouth shape, feel, and any other issues your dentist wants to look out for) is completely free. After this, the impressions kit (used for taking an impression of your teeth and gums) will cost you . Purchasing clear aligners is also incredibly easy with ALIGNERCO, with plenty of payment plans available for those on limited or stricter budgets. Both one-time payments, as well as installment payment plans, are available for a prescription like this. A one-time payment will cost you , or the monthly payment plan will cost you per bill.

The Role of Clear Aligners

The role of clear aligners, as noted above, is very simple. You receive them at home, fit them at home, and get used to wearing them in your own time and personal space. Because of this, they’re a very approachable and accessible form of teeth straightening treatment currently on the market. If you want to be in control of your dental health, and you want to be able to keep track of every step of your teeth straightening process, you’ll want to invest in some clear aligners. Not everyone is suited to braces, and even if you are, you may not want to wear them and/or go through the years of using them to straighten your teeth and keep them that way. Clear aligners are here to work as a strong, tried and tested alternative to fitting teeth with metal or ceramic braces. If you’re worried about braces, or you’re not sure if they’re right for your needs, it’s always best to talk to your dental professional before deciding on a course of action for you.

But what really makes ALIGNERCO different?

Clear aligners from ALIGNERCO are made to be entirely clear, as well-fitting, and customized entirely to whoever is wearing them. These aligners are different from those you can buy from other providers because we manufacture the clearest quality, and we’re far more affordable. Our clear aligners are trimmed to the gum, to ensure they fit your whole teeth in a comfortable and snug manner. They’re also entirely handcrafted, meaning our medical professionals take their time in ensuring the product you receive is well suited to your budget and also suited to you alone. If you still have any more questions that haven’t been answered here, regarding teeth straightening and what’s involved in the processes that we offer, be sure to get in touch with us. Feel free to make use of the instant chat service we host here on our website or be sure to send us an email, right here at team@alignerco.ca.

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