What to Expect During Clear Aligner Treatment

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A female patient undergoing Clear Aligner treatment

Are you looking forward to achieving a straighter smile without undergoing the pain of metallic objects? Clear aligners can be the best teeth-straightening assistance for you. It has revolutionized the world of orthodontics. With its extraordinary features, individuals now prefer clear aligner treatment for teeth alignment. Here is a complete guide to understanding clear aligner treatment and what to expect throughout the treatment. You will be able to make a well-informed decision with this guide for your smile transformation journey.

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Initial Phase

Your clear aligner treatment begins with an initial consultation in which your orthodontist will assess the underlying issues. In this, your orthodontist will evaluate whether you are eligible for clear aligners. When it comes to ALIGNERCO, by placing an order you will receive an Impression Kit. The impression kit will include all the essentials for crafting perfect impressions.

Customized Plan

Since Aligners are customized according to each individual. You will be using the impression kit provided by ALIGNERCO. The kit includes impression trays and putty that help to create impressions. By carefully following the provided guidelines, craft your impressions to get custom-made aligners for teeth straightening.

Aligner Fabrication

Once you take your impressions, send them back to us so we can provide you with a 3D smile projection. A smile projection will provide you with a representation of the results you can expect with clear aligners. Upon your approval, aligner fabrication will be processed.

Wearing Clear Aligners

Your customized clear aligners will be provided to your doorstep. The wear time for clear aligners is 22 hours per day for optimal results or as prescribed by your orthodontist. By wearing aligners to the maximum time you can achieve results within the given timeframe. However, in case you do not wear your aligners as prescribed you may delay the results.

Tracking Progress

The average treatment duration for clear aligners ranges between four to six months. However, it may vary in different cases. You can always track your progress and consult with us in case of any query.


Every treatment includes a post-care to sustain the results achieved. To maintain that beautiful smile for the long term, you must include post-treatment care for clear aligners. Retainer is the post-treatment care when it comes to retaining your smile. There are different types of retainers and the wear time varies for each individual. Your orthodontist can best suggest the type and wearing time according to your personal preference and treatment requirements.

Advantages of Clear Aligner Treatment

Clear aligner treatment is considered a more comfortable approach for teeth straightening as compared to other teeth straightening methods. The following are some of the advantages to look forward to in a clear aligner treatment.


Unlike traditional braces, clear aligner treatment is a much more comfortable option. They do not contain such external metallic objects that make it easier for orthodontic patients. Moreover, you do not have to undergo adjustment discomfort with clear aligners.

Aesthetically pleasing

If you are someone, who doesn’t want to compromise their appearance, then, clear aligners are your way forward. You will be able to achieve a stunning straighter smile without even getting noticed. You can wear aligners anywhere you want as they are barely noticeable.

Oral Hygiene

Traditional braces include brackets and wires on the surface of the tooth. As a result, oral hygiene is highly impacted. Whereas a major advantage of clear aligners is that you can remove them and ensure good oral hygiene practices.

Clear Aligner Maintenance

To achieve optimal results, it must be ensured that your aligners are well maintained. If there is any damage or scratch to the aligners, it might affect and delay your treatment duration.


Since clear aligners can be easily removed while you’re having meals or brushing your teeth. You must ensure to clean them properly before re-insertion. Clean them with a soft-bristled brush to avoid any damage or scratches to the aligners. Also, rinse them with water every time before wearing them.


Clear aligners come along with a container for storage. Orthodontic patients should make sure to store them in the box whenever they remove them. Aligners are barely visible and are made of plastic, so there are high chances that you might lose or break them. This could result in your treatment being compromised until you get the next pair. So, the ideal way is to store them in a container when not worn.

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To sum it up, Clear aligner treatment is an effective approach for teeth straightening. However, before beginning your treatment, you must know what to expect throughout the treatment. Get your confusion cleared with the help of this detailed guide and decide your treatment accordingly

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is clear aligner treatment as effective as braces?

Clear aligners are considered effective for mild to moderate cases. Whereas, for severe cases, traditional braces are recommended.

2. How long does it take to see results with Clear Aligners?

Orthodontic patients can see the results with a clear aligner treatment within six months. However, the treatment duration can vary depending on the severity of the case.

3. What are the advantages of Clear aligners?

Clear aligners have various advantages to look forward to. They are barely visible so orthodontic patients can wear them anytime anywhere. Moreover, they offer a comfortable treatment approach that does not cause any pain or discomfort and can be removed whenever you want.

4. What is a smile projection in a clear aligner treatment?

After sending your impressions, a 3D scan of the expected results is projected known as a smile projection. Aligners are fabricated upon the patient’s approval of the smile projection.

5. How to maintain aligners for effective results?

For effective results, aligners must be well-maintained they must be cleaned and stored in their containers when not worn.

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