Why Clear Retainers Are the Best Choice for Straight Teeth

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Orthodontic treatment includes retention as a part of the journey. It is one of the essential phases to counteract orthodontic relapse. After the treatment with any orthodontic appliance is concluded, patients are advised to include retainers in their routine. Orthodontic patients can prefer any type of retainer depending on their personal needs and treatment requirements. In this blog, let us shed light on clear retainers; one of the types. Moreover, let us discover why clear retainers are considered the best choice.

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Understanding Retainers

The retention phase is part of the whole orthodontic teeth straightening. It is incorporated to ensure that the change brought through the help of an orthodontic device stays intact. Retainers are the orthodontic devices used for retention. After the completion of an orthodontic treatment, there is still a chance of teeth relapse. The main purpose of the retainers is to help retain your teeth in their newly shifted place. The wearing time for retainers varies depending on each patient.

Types of Retainers

To ensure that your teeth stay in their new place, retainers must be included for the post-care. There are different types of retainer for orthodontic patients, and they can opt as advised by their orthodontists. The types of retainers are mentioned below for your understanding.

Hawley Retainers

Hawley retainers are one of the types of retainers that help with teeth retention. These retainers include a metallic wire and are made up of plastic or acrylic. The function of these retainers are same as that of the metal braces. However, they are considered better for adjustment. Whereas, they might cause discomfort during the initial days.

Clear Retainers

Clear Retainers are another type of retainer that helps prevent orthodontic relapse. They are made up of plastic material worn over the teeth. Since they can be removed easily, it is essential to wear them as prescribed, by your orthodontist to have optimal results.

Fixed Retainers

Fixed retainers are the type of retainers that include a metal wire attached at the back of the front teeth. It helps prevent newly aligned teeth from shifting to their original position. This type of retainer cannot be removed without the supervision of an orthodontist, unlike clear retainers. Usually, this type of retainer is preferred for kids as they have a hard time ensuring post-care on their own.

Benefits of Clear Retainers

Clear retainers are known to be the best choice when it comes to retaining straight teeth. It is being widely opted type among individuals due to several benefits. Some of the benefits of clear retainers are mentioned below.


Clear retainers also known as removable retainers are widely popular in the present day. Unlike fixed retainers, they can be removed anytime you want. It means you can enjoy your meals without the stress of damaging your retainer. However, care must be taken when taking off your retainers to keep them away from bacteria and any other germs. You must store them well to avoid any scratches and damage. Moreover, always clean them before reinsertion.

Barely Seen

Clear retainers are the best post-care for individuals who do not want to compromise their look by inserting metallic wires. They are custom-made up of plastic that is barely seen. It means you can wear your retainers anywhere you want. Moreover, as they are invisible it does not hinder your overall appearance.

Oral Hygiene

Orthodontic patients can remove their clear retainers whenever they want. It doesn’t require the supervision of an orthodontist and patients can remove and wear them on their own. It has often been observed that patients have a hard time keeping up with brushing and flossing with fixed retainers due to wires. Whereas, when it comes to clear retainers, you can ensure your oral hygiene by regular brushing and flossing upon removing them.

Best Retention Choice

On the successful completion of your orthodontic treatment, you wouldn’t want your time and money go to waste. To sustain the dream smile you have achieved, you must add clear retainers to your post-care. Clear retainers are the best choice for straight teeth retention by being more aesthetic, less invisible, cost-effective, and a much more comfortable approach to maintaining that smile.

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To sum up, it is essential to wear retainers post orthodontic treatment. Retainers are of different types and orthodontic patients can choose the type of retainers that best suits them. Clear retainers are among the widely known types of retainers and are known as the best choice that helps retain straight teeth. Get a complete understanding of clear retainers in this blog to make an informed decision.


1. What is the purpose of retainers?

Retainers are orthodontic devices that help retain teeth in their newly shifted place. It is known as the retention phase that must be included for effective long-term results.

2. What are the different types of retainers?

The different types of retainers include clear retainers, Hawley retainers, and fixed retainers

3. Why clear retainers are preferred?

Clear retainers are barely visible which is why they are widely preferred among individuals.

4. What are the benefits of clear retainers?

Unlike other types of retainers, clear retainers offer different benefits as they can be removed easily. Moreover, they are barely visible providing an aesthetic appeal.

5. What is the wearing time for clear retainers?

The wearing time for clear retainers depends on each individual’s case. Authored By:

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