Why Do Braces Cost So Much?

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Why Do Braces Cost So Much?

Table of contents

  1. What Types of Braces Are Available in Canada?
  2. How Much Do Braces Cost in Canada?
  3. Why Do Braces Cost So Much?
  4. Can Tooth Misalignment Be Addressed Without Braces?
  5. Can You Get Braces for Free?
  6. How You Can Save Money While Getting Braces
  7. Does Insurance Cover Braces?
  8. Affordable Alternative To Braces
  9. How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost?
  10. FAQ About Braces Cost
  11. Brighten Your Smile Using ALIGNERCO Braces
Whether you live in Ontario, Quebec, or Toronto, straight teeth come at a high cost if you use traditional braces. How much do braces cost? Your braces price will depend on which city you live in and other factors that affect braces cost. This article will explain the cost variables that are factored into traditional metal braces. If you are worried about "how much are braces" then you should consider the cost-savings of ordering ALIGNERCO's clear aligner treatments. We ship internationally.

What Types of Braces Are Available in Canada?

If you are searching for braces in Canada, you have several options. Traditional metal braces have been around for decades, and the treatments have evolved to suit the unique needs of patients.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are a popular option for teenagers and adults. The orthodontic treatment uses brackets, rubber bands, archwires, and other attachments to move teeth into better alignment. Traditional metal braces require substantial work by an orthodontist who puts the attachments on teeth and periodically adjusts those attachments. Traditional metal braces have historically been bulky and uncomfortable. Modern metal braces are more streamlined.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic is a material that mimics the color and luster of enamel. Ceramic braces are more natural-looking than traditional metal braces. Like traditional braces, ceramic braces use an archwire to pull teeth into better alignment. Ceramic braces are often more expensive than traditional metal braces. Dental ceramic is more prone to breaking and staining than metal brackets.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces use clips to hold the archwire in place. Traditional metal braces use small rubber bands to hold the wires in place. The use of clips generally requires fewer appoints for adjustments. Many patients find self-ligating braces to be more comfortable than traditional metal braces.

Lingual Braces

Individuals who prefer to completely conceal their braces can opt for lingual braces. For this treatment, the orthodontist puts the brackets and wires on the back of your teeth. The results are more aesthetically pleasing. Having the braces in direct contact with the tongue takes some getting used to. Lingual braces are more expensive than traditional braces. The arrangement can also lead to mild speech impediments during treatment.

Clear Aligners

The newest type of braces available to Canadians is clear aligners. The clear trays fit snuggly over one or both arches of teeth. The aligners are typically worn for two weeks at a time. Users should wear the trays for 22 hours per day so the clear braces work effectively. The trays place pressure on specific areas of teeth and nudge individual teeth into better alignment. Many patients prefer clear aligners because they can be easily removed when needed.

How Much Do Braces Cost in Canada?

The price of braces varies depending on several factors. Large cities are likely to have higher adult braces cost. Prices also vary depending on the experience of the dentist or orthodontist. The average cost of braces is CA$3,000 to CA$7,000, according to CadanaBuzz.ca. Clear braces cost CA$4,000 to CA$7,500. Lingual braces can cost upwards of CA$10,000. Factors that affect the final cost of your braces include:
  • The type of braces you are seeking
  • The extent and type of dental misalignment you have
  • The total duration of your orthodontic treatment
If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to traditional braces, ALIGNERCO's advanced teeth-straightening treatments are 60 percent cheaper than braces. Customers can complete the treatment, which starts at $1,235, without the need for visiting a dentist.

Why Do Braces Cost So Much?

You may be wondering why teeth braces cost so much. The small metal brackets and wires hardly seem like they could cost several thousand dollars. Braces cost with insurance is still high for most people. Here are some of the reasons why.

Braces are Highly Specialized Instruments

The economics of mass production are well known. When a device is mass-produced, we reasonably expect the final products to be affordable. Traditional metal braces are not mass-produced. Every mouth offers unique problems to solve. Dentists and orthodontists must approach each patient differently. While some of the devices used in traditional braces look similar, the individual arrangement and use of those devices will change considerably from patient to patient. Medical devices are generally expensive because technicians make the devices to very specific standards. Without the ability to produce braces in mass, the resulting treatment costs necessarily go up.

Orthodontics Requires Extensive Prep Work

You may have heard of spacers. Dentists and orthodontists put the tiny spacers between teeth before they put braces on teeth. Spacers reduce teeth crowding so braces can reposition teeth more easily. Palatal expanders are sometimes used to expand the size of the upper jaw in children. Orthodontists may perform the treatment several months or even years before treatments using braces begin. To create adequate space between teeth, some teens and adults may need to undergo tooth extraction. Dentists sometimes have to remove wisdom teeth before they put braces on patients. Before dentists put braces on teeth, x-rays and exams are performed.

Orthodontists Are Highly Paid in Canada

Dentists can perform certain teeth straightening treatments. More often, orthodontists perform teeth straightening procedures. Orthodontists are dental professionals who specialize in moving teeth. Orthodontists complete dental school before continuing on to finish specialized orthodontic training courses. As with other types of doctors, more training generally means higher salaries. The average salary for an orthodontist in Canada is $280,601 (CAD) or about $135/hr. With each visit to the orthodontist, you'll have to factor in his or her hourly wage when calculating your final treatment cost. If you undergo teeth straightening using traditional braces, you will pay for the orthodontist's time during the initial consultation and exam. Then, you will have to pay for your orthodontist's time as he or she puts on the various attachments used with metal, ceramic, or lingual braces. Putting on braces can take upwards of two hours. With each visit to the dentist or orthodontist, you will have to pay for your doctor's time and for the time of other dental office staff members. Once your treatment is complete, your dentist or orthodontist will have to spend considerable time removing the various attachments.

Additional Cost Factors for Braces

Your total bill will include more than material costs and the hourly fee of your orthodontist. Like any business, your dentist or orthodontist has to factor in the overhead of running a business. Overhead expenses include office space rent, electricity, and equipment purchases. If you damage, break or lose any part of your braces, your dentist may require you to pay for replacements. Ceramic braces, for instance, can be fairly costly to replace. During your treatment timeline, your orthodontist may require you to have your braces refitted. Common reasons for refittings include braces that are damaged, worn, or ineffective for some reason. Maintaining your braces often requires that you purchase specialized tools. A water flosser is one common purchase that you need to make. The devices can run upwards of $50.

Can Tooth Misalignment Be Addressed Without Braces?

Traditional braces and clear aligners are the only safe and effective treatments for addressing dental misalignments. Repositioning teeth is delicate and precise work that requires advanced dental tools and appliances. If you are seeking a more attractive smile, there is no way to address crooked teeth without using some form of braces.

Can You Get Braces for Free?

Free braces are generally not available for all Canadians. One government program, Smiles 4 Canada, does offer reduced orthodontic treatment for minors who qualify. Children must be under 14 and living below Federal Low Income Cut-Offs (LICO). Eligibility requirements for the program include:
  • Children should be in good oral health
  • Children must have a regular dentist to monitor health after treatment
  • Parents should be able to pay a one-time $500 program fee
  • Parents are responsible for replacing retainers and transporting children to and from appointments
The program is made possible through donated time by Canadian orthodontists. Teeth straightening is considered a cosmetic procedure in most cases. Like other cosmetic treatments, adults and teens who elect to undergo teeth straightening should expect to pay for the bulk of the treatment costs.

How You Can Save Money While Getting Braces

For most people who seek straighter teeth, there will be some type of cost associated with dental treatment. There are several ways to reduce the cost of teeth straightening.

Take Care of Pre-Existing Dental Issues

Before you can have braces placed, you may be required to address lingering dental problems like cavities and gum disease. If you have put off minor dental procedures, schedule those soon so you don't have to delay getting braces. Addressing minor cavities can prevent costlier treatments down the road. Restorative treatments are usually covered in part or full by most forms of dental insurance. Gum disease may require treatment, but you can often address mild levels of gum disease by brushing twice a day, flossing regularly, and using a therapeutic mouthwash.

Take Care of Your Braces

Broken brackets and other appliances can be expensive to replace. One way to maintain your braces is to avoid eating hard foods like nuts and bones. Other foods that can damage your braces include:
  • Popcorn
  • Hard candy
  • Gum
  • Ice
  • Corn chips
  • Hard cookies or crackers
  • Sticky chocolate
Sticky foods can also dislodge appliances on your braces. Before you are fitted with braces, be sure to ask your dentist or orthodontist for an overview of which foods are safe to eat.

Start Saving

Whether through private savings accounts or Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), setting aside as little as $25 a month can set you on the path to affording braces. HSAs are health plans that are arranged by Canadian employers. The self-insured plans allow businesses to provide tax-free health and dental benefits. If you have questions about HSAs, talk to your employer's HR department.

Follow Dental Websites for Discounts

Like other businesses, dentists and orthodontists frequently run specials and discounts to attract new business. Even if you have a preferred dentist, periodically visit the web pages and social media accounts of area orthodontists to see what types of deals they are offering.

Use Orthodontic Schools

There are numerous orthodontic schools located across Canada. After completing dental school, aspiring orthodontists must complete training at an accredited orthodontics school. While at these schools, students perform orthodontal procedures under the watch of experienced teachers.

Ask About Payment Plans

Most orthodontists and dentists understand that you may not have several thousand dollars ready for a lump-sum payment for braces. Payment plans allow you to pay the full amount through several smaller payments. Payment plans typically do not add to the total treatment cost.

Use Affordable Types of Braces

Ceramic, lingual, and self-ligating braces offer benefits, but the results of any type of braces are the same — straighter teeth. If you are willing to undergo treatment using traditional metal braces, that no-frills approach may save you a few thousand dollars or more.

Shop Around

When buying a car, do you work with one dealer or do you call several? It's great to have a dentist that you regularly work with, but price shopping can save you from overpaying for braces. Receptionists will be glad to give you a quick estimate. If you live in a highly populated area, there are likely dozens of dentists and orthodontists to call.

Wear Your Retainer as Directed

You can save money by wearing your retainers as directed. Teeth shifting is a natural process that occurs throughout our adult years. Failure to wear your retainer after completing treatment using braces could result in teeth shifting that requires additional orthodontic work.

Does Insurance Cover Braces?

Orthodontic insurance can cover part of the cost of getting braces. Plans vary by provider and between plans. Braces can be covered up to 50 percent through qualified insurance plans. If you have an orthodontist, ask if he or she offers payment plans. Then, subtract the total insurance deduction before dividing the payment into installments to learn what you will be expected to pay each month. Regular dental insurance may not cover braces because braces are typically not medically necessary. Call your dental insurance provider to learn about what type of coverage you can expect. Your insurance provider may offer a supplemental plan that reduces the cost of getting braces.

Affordable Alternative To Braces

Clear aligners are considered an affordable alternative to traditional braces. The clear trays do not require that dentists or orthodontists put attachments on teeth. There is a wide range of clear aligner providers available. ALIGNERCO offers the option of completing teeth straightening treatments from the convenience of your home through three easy steps. Clear braces are fabricated in special labs. The trays are then worn for 22 hours a day.

No Trips to the Dentist or Orthodontist

Many clear aligner brands require visits to the dentist or orthodontist. Those visits add considerably to the overall cost of treatment. ALIGNERCO's teeth straightening treatments do not require any visits to see the dentist or orthodontist. Once you begin our easy and affordable treatment, we will mail you an impression kit. Each step of the process can be completed in the comfort of your home. Once the clear aligners are fabricated, the sets of trays will be mailed to your home. The cost-savings of avoiding visits to the dentist are passed on to our customers. ALIGNERCO's clear braces are 60 percent lower in price than other clear aligner brands.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Beyond being cost-effective, ALIGNERCO's clear braces offer several advantages over traditional metal braces.
  • No need for dietary restrictions
  • No mandatory visits to the dentist or orthodontist
  • No awkward smiles that show brackets and archwires
  • A comfortable treatment
  • No need to repair or fix appliances
Clear aligners are discreet and easy to use. Once your ALIGNERCO trays arrive, you will know how long your treatment timeline will last. Traditional braces often do not have set treatment timelines. If you need to take a photo or to give an important speech, simply remove the trays as needed. Just be sure to wear your braces for at least 22 hours a day to ensure that your treatment timeline is not delayed.

How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost?

The average cost of clear aligners ranges from $4,000 to $7,500 dollars if you use the more expensive brand options. Clear braces don't have to be expensive, though. ALIGERCO offers clear aligners at cost-effective prices. Before you commit to one of our treatment options, you can complete the Kit First Plan for . Once you complete the impressions, one of our specialists can draft a Smile Projection of how your smile will look once you have undergone treatment using our clear aligners. SmileFlex Easy includes 12 easy payments of after an initial downpayment of . You can even enjoy teeth straightening while you sleep using our NIGHTADVANTAGE (), NIGHTFLEX (), and NIGHTFLEX EASY (/month for one year after a downpayment).

FAQ About Braces Cost

Yes! You can enjoy a $100 discount off any of our products by referring a friend to our website. If you complete our impression kit and we find that our aligners aren't the best treatment option for you, we will refund the cost of the impression kit. Yes, there are two affordable monthly installment plans available. SmileFlex requires a soft credit check. SmileFlex Easy does not require a credit check or forms. For more information, please visit the pricing section of our website. Absolutely. Just notify a member of our team, and we will help you pay off your treatments as early as you like. Yes, we are proud to offer high-quality braces at affordable prices. On average, our clear aligners are 60 percent cheaper than braces. Yes. If you do, we'll throw in an impression kit for no extra cost. That's a $55 savings! Any aligners that we ship to customers in Canada are approved by Health Canada. We maintain the high standards required by the governmental department. We accept a wide range of payment options that include all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. Once your clear aligner treatments are complete, you'll need to wear a retainer every night. We offer Smile Protection Plan for a small additional cost of $629. The plan provides a new retainer every six months. Once your clear aligner treatments are complete, you'll need to wear a retainer every night. We offer Smile Protection Plan for a small additional cost of $629. The plan provides a new retainer every six months. New retainers are easier to clean and maintain. If you ever lose your retainer, we will ship you a new one on demand if you have our protection plan. We sure do. Visit our webpage. We periodically run promotion codes that can be used when you check out.

Brighten Your Smile Using ALIGNERCO Braces

"How much are braces" is a common question. Now that we've explored the factors that go into braces cost, you can start planning to enjoy straight teeth using ALIGNERCO's cost-effect teeth straightening plans. Don't let worries like "how much do braces cost" keep you from enjoying a bright and beautiful smile. Our high-quality clear aligners have brought down braces price so anyone can enjoy the benefits of an attractive smile. Take our free online smile assessment today to start the process today.
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