Why Every Athlete Needs to Know The Benefits of a Custom-Fit Mouthguard?

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Sport-specific protective gear is a priority for athletes. Protective helmets and pads are necessary for them to avoid major injuries. In the focus on head-to-toe protection, dental safety often slips under the radar. The smiles of athletes are often overlooked. There are many sports-related dental injuries, from chipped teeth to severe trauma.

Custom mouth guards are the heroes of dental protection. There are several advantages to utilizing this dental equipment. Custom-fit mouth guards boost performance while preventing injuries by absorbing stress. Neglecting oral health might result in costly dental procedures and performance losses. Athletes require custom-fit mouth guards to achieve peak performance and protection.

Understanding the Importance of Mouthguards

Dental injuries are very common in sports. The severity of crashes, falls, and direct hits to the face increases dental damage possibilities. There are several types of dental injuries that may lead to chipped or fractured teeth, jaw fractures, and even soft tissue traumas.

As per a report by The American Dental Association (ADA), mouthguards save over 200,000 oral injuries annually in the USA. Dental injuries often resulted in long term trauma and a chain of treatments. A mouthguard not only distributed the force but also absorbs impact to shield your teeth, gums, and tissues.


Other than these injuries, atheletes feel insecure when directly facing danger of getting hurt directly without any injury. This affect their performance. Especially players who involve in fielding games often risk their dental health if not wearing mouth guards.

Mouthguards also protect teeth and soft tissues in the mouth from external stresses. Custom-fit mouth guards absorb and disperse impact forces during sports, reducing the risk and severity of dental injuries. This protects the athlete's dental health and keeps them safe. To avoid sports-related oral injuries, players of all ages and ability levels should use a properly fitting mouthguard.

The Difference Between Custom-Fit and Over-the-Counter Mouthguards

It is important to understand that mouth guards need to be fitted to protect your mouth completely. There are custom fit and over the counter mouth guards. Though the purpose of both is the same, however, the functionality is different.

Understanding Of Custom-Fit and Over-the-Counter Mouthguards

Custom fit mouth guards are crafted by the experts and dental specialists. They designed mouth guards following the each individual's unique teeth and mouth structure. Before crafting custom mouthguards dental experts take the impressions of the athlete's teeth. That is why custom fit mouth guards give perfect snug and maintain comfort.

In the meantime, sports goods stores sell mouthguards in regular sizes over-the-counter. They are not securely fitting, so even if individuals have molded and cut them to match their mouth and dental structures, they still feel uncomfortable in the mouth. While OTC mouthguards could offer some protection, their generic design frequently results in an inadequate fit and limited effectiveness.

Limitations of Generic Mouthguards

One of the primary drawbacks of OTC mouthguards is their one-size-fits-all design. Because OTC mouthguards are not custom-made, they seem loose and uncomfortably fitting. Sport activities can make it difficult to breathe and even speak. Furthermore, an imprecise fit limits the efficacy of the mouthguard.

OTC mouthguards usually have restricted materials and thicknesses. As a result, sportsmen may experience dental injuries such as broken teeth, jaw fractures, or soft tissue injury.

OTC mouthguards do not account for individual dental diseases or orthodontic equipment, which reduces their efficacy.

Custom-Fit Mouthguards Offer Superior Protection

Custom-fit mouthguards work better than generic ones. Custom-fit mouthguards properly fit the athlete's teeth and mouth, ensuring optimal comfort, fit, and protection. Athletes may perform at their peak without distraction.

High-quality materials with variable thickness levels can also be utilized to create mouthguards that are suited to athletes' requirements.


As a result, shock is distributed more efficiently, preventing oral damage. Furthermore, custom-fit mouthguards may accept orthodontic equipment like braces and retainers, providing continuous protection.

Over-the-counter mouthguards provide quick and easy protection, but they lack the customisation and tailored fit of custom-fit mouthguards. Purchasing a custom-fit mouthguard ensures an athlete's long-term oral health and safety.

Benefits of Custom Fit Mouth Gurads

People of all ages can benefit from simple yet powerful custom fit mouth guards. Whether you grind your teeth or are a sports fan, personalized oral protection is for you.

Enhanced Comfort

The convenience and comfort of custom-fit mouthguards cannot be overstated. Fitted to athletes' teeth and jaws, mouthguards protect them.

Besides reducing irritation and pain, it also feels lighter. Over-the-counter mouth guards are bulky and uncomfortable. Mouthguards are more likely to be used frequently if they improve the athlete's experience.

Superior Protection

Custom-fit mouthguards reduce dental injuries significantly. Because over-the-counter mouth guards are often loose and poorly fitted, they fail to protect teeth.

Incorrectly fitted mouthguards do not absorb shock. Custom mouthguards reduce fractures, dislocations, and soft tissue injuries due to their perfect fit.

Improved Performance

A properly fitting mouthguard can enhance an athlete's performance. A custom-fit mouthguard provides for unobstructed breathing while participating in sports.

Custom-fit mouthguards enable players to retain peak respiratory function and vocal communication on the field or court. Custom-fit mouthguards can boost performance and sports achievement.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Mouth gurad can help you avoid expensive dental care for injuries. Many people argue that custom mouth guards are more expensive than over-the-counter solutions. However, they often forget about the dental treatment bills saved by using a tightly fitted mouth guard.

Custom mouth guards prevent damage that may require costly and complicated dental treatment. The traditional mouth guard protects athletes' precious teeth from broken, displaced, and other dental injuries.

Why Choose ALIGNERCO for Your Custom Sports Mouth Guard?

With custom-fit mouth guards, athletes can enjoy optimal comfort and protection. Our mouth guards are designed to endure robust impacts while maintaining comfort and integrity.

Our at-home custom fitting kits ensure a seamless process for getting your custom sports mouth guard, ensuring convenience and affordability.

Our priority is customer satisfaction through a seamless process and quality assurance. All custom-fit sports mouth guards come with free shipping across the USA, making it easier for athletes to get premium protection.

How to Order Your Custom Sports Mouth Guard?

Start by ordering your Mouth Guard kit. Once we receive your order, we will send you an impression kit with simple instructions.

Using the provided materials and comprehensive guide, take an accurate impression of your teeth. In order to proceed, you need to return the impression to us.

Our Sports Mouth Guards are tailored specifically to your dental structure based on your impression. The custom-fitted appliance will arrive at your doorstep, ready to protect your teeth.


1. Can I wear my mouth guard with braces?


Absolutely, our sports mouth guard can be customized for athletes with braces, ensuring protection without sacrificing comfort.

2. How should I care for my Mouthguard?

Simple maintenance steps will preserve its quality—rinse before and after each use, clean with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and store in a ventilated case.

3. Are all ALIGNERCO Mouthguards safe?

Certainly, all our mouth guards are crafted from BPA-free materials, guaranteeing safety for everyone, including those with specific sensitivities.

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