Why You Need To Wear Each Step Of Aligners For Two Weeks

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Why you should wear each step of aligners for 2 weeks

The path to straighter teeth is one that takes time. Wearing aligners is a proven way of achieving that perfect smile you are after. When it comes to aligners, many patients will want to try and speed up the process. However, there are reasons as to why you should wear each step of aligners for two weeks.

How Aligners Work

Aligners are a great solution for those who want to straighten their teeth without having to endure the less visually appealing sight of braces. Aligners work by slowly shifting the teeth into a more aligned format and thus giving you that perfect smile. For some, it’s something that is a dream for a while, and as your smile is a defining feature, you want to do everything you can to help sort it out. The benefits of aligners are that they are able to shift the teeth without causing any trauma to the gums. That means no severe pain or bleeding of the gum area. The length of time it takes for the aligners to work will depend on the state of your teeth. Some will take longer than others, and that’s a case by case basis. It’s worth asking for a timeline when it comes to getting your aligners fitted.

Keeping Your Teeth Stable

When it comes to your aligners, they are helping to move your teeth to the right position, but if you try and do this too quickly, you could impact the stability of them. Your gums and bone need time to adjust when it comes to retainers because your teeth are anchored to the gum and jaw bone itself. Doing it too quickly will result in the crown of your tooth, which is the one visible to you moving a faster rate than the root. This can end up in tipping your teeth, which is the opposite of what you need to achieve when it comes to the appearance of your teeth. Keeping your teeth stable is essential, and by rushing the process, you put your teeth at risk, and that’s something that no orthodontist should be doing when it comes to a patient using aligners.

Why It’s Important To Wear Your Aligners For Two Weeks

It’s important to have patience when it comes to your aligners. Taking it one step at a time, and making sure you follow the process properly is important. You need to follow your doctor’s recommendations where advised so that you can have the smile that you want to achieve. If you try to cut corners, that’s where problems can occur, and the results can differ. Why is it important to wear your aligners for two weeks? It helps to ensure that your teeth don’t start moving in a different manner, and it helps to give the rest of your mouth time to adjust. Your dentist will want to cause as minimal pain as possible. When it comes to your aligner, you want to be wearing it for 20-22 hours a day for 14 days straight. This will make sure that your teeth align in the right manner and at the right rate, which is comfortable enough for everything to adjust.

Taking this process seriously is important, and to veer away from the recommendations made to you would likely impact the result. Remember to take on board all the advice given so that you can stick to it as closely as possible.

Are You Considering Clear Aligners?

As a patient, it’s important that you are following the rules that have been set out for you by your orthodontist. The last thing you want is any unwanted surprises during your treatment. Many individuals will end up looking to achieve straight teeth through clear aligners, and it’s definitely an option to consider when it comes to getting a healthy and more pristine appearance. When it comes to getting clear aligners, make sure you are asking all the right questions before making an informed decision. Being able to get straight teeth is something many will want to achieve in their life, and it can be an important feature to correct.

If you’re looking at getting clear aligners, then it’s worth knowing the process of what’s involved. Straightening your teeth with aligners will take time so try to have patience and trust the process. It will all be worth it in the end when you walk out with straight teeth and confidence in your smile. It’s an investment that’s worth making in order to love your smile again.

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